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The little red riding hood

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The little red riding hood

一、人物自我介绍 : Hello!everyone!I’m very happy to be here!I’m the little red riding hood,I have a happy family.(道具:红帽子张骐羽) :Hello!I’m her mother,She is a happy girl.She likes red.I love her very much. (道具:发饰cara) :Hello!I’m her grandmother,she often looks after me .ko!ko!I got a cold.I have to see a doctor.(道具:眼镜、手绢Shirly) :Hello!I’m the rabbit Rab,I’m sad,my baby has been eaten by the big bad wolf!I hate it!Who can catch it?(道具:兔耳朵Susan) :Hello!I’m the bird Bir!I have wings,I can fly fast,,I can see a big bad wolf!He ate a rabbit yesterday,What is he going to do?(道具:翅膀angel) 6.:Hello!I’m the Magician Magi,I like to make magic to make people happy. (道具:哈利波特服装doreen)

:OU!I’m the big wolf!I have big mouth,sharp teeth and strong legs!I can run fast!I like to eat meat!I’m hungry!I want to eat meat!(道具:尖指甲、尖脚趾、狼面具jack) :Hello!I’m the hunter,I have big eyes,strong arms,big hands and strong legs.I like to hunt.There are wolves in the forest,I want to catch them.(道具:玩具枪、牛仔帽eric)

Your grandma is ill.Can you take the apples and cake to her?She will be better ! They’re under the table.

What a kind girl! I will help her!

Magi!magi!moe!Some mushrooms for you!

音乐(采蘑菇的小姑娘) So many mushrooms!1,2.3,4......My grandma likes to eat them,she will be better ! How I wish some flowers!It will make my grandma happier! Magi Magi Moe!Some flowers for you! What nice flowers!I love them!

(花仙子歌曲响起,小红帽开始摘花) Wish her a happy day!I have to help the others.

I’m so hungry!If I don’t eat meat,I can’t run or walk.

Oh!My food’s there!A little girl!She must be delicious!What are they doing? (侧耳听) Twitter!twitter!little red riding hood!How are you? Hello,BIR!Fine,thank you,and you? I’m fine,where are you going? a kind girl!Be careful!There’s a big wolf .He has big mouth,sharp teeth and strong legs.He ate RAB’s baby yesterday! ’s house!I have a good idea!


When she comes home,I will eat her .

次歌曲) !The brave hunter!The little red riding hood is going to see her grandma.The big bad wolf will eat her!Please help her! OK!I’ll soon get there!

My baby!How I miss you!I hate you,the big wolf!I’ll tell the hunter to catch you! Hello!Little red riding hood!Where are you going? I’m going to see my grandpa,I’m sorry to hear that,if I see the wolf,I’ll catch it!Bye-bye! Beng!!!Grandma? Hello,little red riding hood!Come sit down! My grandma doesn’t have a big mouth,sharp teeth and strong legs.it can’t be my grandma,it’s the big bad wolf!What can I do? It’s not your grandma.It’s the big bad wolf! OU!Yes!I’ll eat you! PUE! ,Where’s my grandma? I’m here!Little red riding hood!What happened?

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