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After the central inspection group, the disclosure of related problems of Three Gorges group yesterday, there have been media reports reveal more details ofthe Three Gorges group inside and the interests of the chain, shocking. The group insiders told the media about, to the public, "no stranger" is probably the most intuitive feeling.

In mid February, Ninth central inspection group inspection group of the Three Gorges disclosure, bidding and bid the black box operation, subcontracting and friends in engineering construction are all general statement, serious but notdilute the problem. In the range of problems defined, although worded "some","some" and to a lesser degree expression, but also has a similar "qualitative comparison of universal". Combined with the "times weekly" yesterday specific to the case details description, public or partially confirmed these years around this great project, the spreading all kinds of rumours.

Previously, people in the Three Gorges group interests chain rumors,speculation and even imagine, also lack the authority, the National Audit Office in ten years 20 audit group of the Three Gorges, continuous disclosure of its problems, data. But a little comb can be found, the same problem in the ten years of almost uninterrupted by the audit department found, disclosure andinvestigation, difference only specific units, relevant staff and the amount ofdifference. Each audit results disclosure, Wade things unit until the Three Gorges group headquarters will also have to declare seriously, serious rectification, the profound lessons, take warning. The inspection group of the Three Gorges group inspection results, the disclosure of the problem is moreextensive, more generally, in addition to the specific case has been handed over to the judicial authority, how to really getting this complicated and difficult to deal with the interests of the chain, is worth more than a few asked why.

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