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The Hare and the Tortoise

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The Hare and the Tortoise

H: Good morning, Mr. Tortoise.

T: Oh, it\'s you, Mr. Hare. Good morning!

H: What are you doing?

T: I\'m running.

H: Running? Ha ha ha! H laugh at T,

Can you run? Your legs are too short!

T: Of course I can.

H: My legs are long. I can run faster than you.

T: Don\'t be so sure.

H: Well then. Let\'s run to the tall tree over there. Let\'s see who can get there first.

T: All right. Ready? Go!

Storyteller: Tortoise goes very slowly. But Mr. Hare runs very fast. Soon he comes to a small tree.

H: Where is Mr. Tortoise? Aha! There he is. He\'s far behind me. How slow he is! Mmm, it\'s so hot! Here is a tree. I\'ll have a short sleep first. thus the h felled fast alseep. what a comfortable sleep it is

T: Oh, hi is sleeping under the tree there with a slow but steady pace . But I can\'t stop. I must go on.

H: Ah! What a nice sleep! Let me go on. Oh, where\'s Mr. Tortoise? Where is he now? I must hurry.

Storyteller: Soon he runs to at last h beated the t and won the race.

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