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Unit 1 School Opening Day

①Words and expressions: ? holiday 假日 friend 朋友 高兴 worry 着急,担心

have fun 玩得

Oops! 噢! Don’t worry!别着急。 Let me help you. 让我来帮助你。


? ?

③Nice to see you! 很高兴见到你。 Nice to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。(熟人 见面打招呼的用语。) Where’s Pat? Pat在哪里? She’s coming. She’s with Anna now. 她来了。她现在和Anna在一起。


④This way, please. 请走这边。

⑤It’s great to see you all again! 再见到你们真是太棒了! Is she our new friend? 她是我们的新朋友吗?

⑥It’s good to see you back. ? 看到你回来真是太好了! ? How was your holiday? ? 你的假期过得怎么样? ? It was great! ? 真是太棒了!

比较正式: How do you do ! Nice to meet you !

How do you do ! Nice to meet you ,too !

It’s great to meet/see you !

It’s great to meet/see you, too!

非正式 A How are you ? B I'm fine ,thank you. Fine , thank you./ thanks. Just so so.

no good.

A Thank you ! B You are welcome. That's all right. All right. No problem.


Nice to see you! Hi! i’m Anna


Nice to see you ,too! Thanks! Nice to see you,too! Hi! I’m Li Fang




Nice to see you again!


? Let

me help you.


(2)Study Pronunciation.

①ee 嘴唇微微张开,舌尖抵下齿。嘴角向两 边张开,露出微笑表情,和字母e的发音相同。

ee feed sheep feed a sheep green tree a green tree

②Listen, look, point and say.

Can you spell the words? 你能拼写这些单词吗? bee, see, sheep, meet, need, sleep, tree, green, week, beef, feed, feel, feet, keep, peel.

(3)Listen and circle.

答案:free noon keep look need peek pool deed

(4)Look and guess.

①Who is he?他是谁? He is Zhang Xin/ Sam/ Dan/ Fan/ Bill/ Alex… (这些都是男生的名字) Who is she? She is Pat/ An Qi/ Lucy/ Sue/ Anna/ May… (这些都是女生的名字) ②What is he/ she wearing?他/她穿什么? He/ She is wearing…+(衣物). 他(她)穿…… 服饰:T-shirt, trousers, shoes, dress, jacket, shorts, cap, hat, skirt, shirt, socks, glasses, coat, vest,…

? ?


③How old is he/ she? 他/她几岁了? He/ She is…+(数字).他/她……岁。 数字:one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred…

? ? ? ?

④What’s his /her favourite fruit/animal/colour? 他/她最喜爱的水果/动物/颜色是什么? His/Her favourite fruit/animal/colour is… 他/她最喜爱的水果/动物/颜色是……

, bananas, pears, grapes, mangoes, grapefruits, oranges, pineapples, watermelons, peaches, coconuts, lemons, limes. 动物:horses, cows, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs, sheep, frogs, goats, ducks, turtles, fishes… 颜色:blue, yellow, red, brown, white, black, green, purple, pink, grey, orange…

? ?

(5)Make new names for your finger puppets.

(6)Listen and task.

译文: 这些都是我的朋友。 他们的名字几乎是一样的。 你能听听拼写他们的名字吗?

答案:Ben, Ted, Den, Ken, Fen, Net, Met.

(7)Listen and act.

①greet an old friend


②help your friend帮助你的朋友
Let me help you!

? ? ? ? ?

③introduce a new friend 介绍新朋友 I’d like you to meet my new friend. 我要你会会我的新朋友。 How do you do!你好! How do you do!你好! (陌生人见面打招呼。)


④It’s nice to be back.回来真是太好了!

(8)Let’s sing, chant and act.

How are you?你好吗?(熟人见面时问对方工作身体状况 的寒暄语,回答可以是Fine. /Very well. /I’m fine, thank you.)

toilet paper


rubber ['r ? b?] eraser [i'reiz?]

n. 橡胶;橡皮;合成橡胶; n. 擦除器;清除器 按摩师

lemonade [,lem?'neid]
n. 柠檬水

glasses ['glɑ:siz]
n. 眼镜;双筒望远镜; 玻璃(glass的复数形式) v. 把…装入玻璃容器内; 给…装上玻璃(glass的第三人称单数形式)

we can bring to class
crayons ? eraser/rubber ? rulers ? book ? pencil-case ? exercise-book ? pencil ? glasses

pen water

we can’t bring to class
cake ? radio ? lemonade ? picture book ? ball ? toy car

(9)Ask, check and say.

①Words and expressions:
crayons 蜡笔 pencil-case 铅笔盒

rulers 尺子

exercise book练习本

book 书

toy car 玩具小汽车

eraser/ rubber 橡皮

pencil 铅笔 cake 蛋糕 pen 钢笔 toilet paper 卫生纸 water 水 glasses 眼镜

picture book 图画书

radio 收音机

ball 球


名词: holiday假日,friend朋友,fun娱乐,fruit 水果,animal动物,colour颜色



eraser/ rubber 橡皮

toilet paper 卫生纸

radio 收音机

water 水 picture book 图画本

lemonade 柠檬汁

exercise book 练习本

? ?

动词: worry 着急 greet 致候 introduce 介绍

wear穿,戴 help 帮助

spell 拼写 bring 带来

? ? ? ?

其它词汇: great 伟大的 new 新的 please 请 favourite 最受喜爱的人或物 almost 几乎 wonderful 了不起的

all 所有的 fine 健康的

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

Let me help you! 让我来帮帮你吧! Have fun! 玩得开心! It’s good to see you back. 看到你回来真是太好了。 It’s great to see you all again. 再次看到大家真是太棒了。 Is she our new friend? 她是我们的新朋友么? How was/is

your holiday? 你的假期过得如何? It was/is great! 真是太棒了!


ee 时嘴唇微微张开,舌尖抵下齿。嘴角向两 边张开,露出微笑表情,和字母e的发音相同。

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