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幼儿园日常用语 1. Good morning. \Morning! 早上好!(幼儿:Good morning!) 2. How are you? 你好吗?(幼儿:I am fine. Thank you.) 3. Nice to see you. 见到你很高兴。Nice to see you, too. 4. Hello 你好

5. Hi 你好

6. I miss you very much. 我真想你们呀。

7. Come in, please! 请进!

8.Let’s begin. 我们开始吧

9.Listen carefully. 注意听。

10.T:Look look look at me.看着我 (幼儿:Look look look at you .看着你)

11.T:Follow follow follow you .请跟着我。 Follow follow follow you. 跟着你

12.Stand up. 起立 Stand up,stand up I stand up.

13.Sit down. 坐下 Sit down,sit down I sit down.

14.Listen listen listen to me. 听我说。 Listen,listen,listen to you. 听你说

15.Hands,hands,hands on your knees.小手放膝盖。 Hands,hands,hands on my knees.

16.Who can try? 谁想试? Let me try. 让我试一试。

17.Drink some water,please. 请喝水 OK,

18. Good, very good. 好,很好。

19.You are great! 你真棒!

20. Good job. 做的不错

21. Well done. 干的好

22.Let’s clap for … 让我们为 ……拍拍手

23.Please be quiet. 请安静

24. Are you ready? 你准备好了吗? Yes.

25.Let’s count \ read \ dance \ act. 让我们来数一数\读一读\跳个舞\做个动作。

26. Music, please. 请,奏响音乐。

27.Attention. 立正。 One two. 一二。

28.Line up, please. 请站队. Line up,line up one by one. 排队,一个跟一个

29. Hand in hand. 手拉手。

30.Let’s go. 开始吧

31.Come on. 加油。

32.One more time 再来一次。

33.Who is the first? 谁得了第一?

34.Sorry. 对不起。

35.It’s OK. 没关系。

36. Hands up. 举手

37. Hands down. 手放下。

38.Save water, please. 请节约用水。

39. Soap your hands down. 在手上抹肥皂

40.Put up your towel. 把你的手巾挂好

41. Go to the toilet. \ Go pee pee \ Go poo poo. 上厕所\ 去小便\ 去大便。

42. Drink more, children. 孩子们多喝点水。

43. Wash your hands. 洗洗手。

44.It’s time for breakfast \ lunch \ dinner \ supper \ snack. 该吃早饭 \ 午饭 \ 晚饭 \ 午点了。

45.Clean the table, please. 请擦桌子。 46.Let’s play a game.让我们来做游戏。

47.You are right.你是正确的。

48.Look at the blackboard.看黑板。

49.Sit well.坐好。

50.Stop talking.别说话。

51.Read with me.和我一起读。

52.Read after me. 跟我一起读

53.Please turn to page 5. 请翻到第5页.

54.Story time. 故事时间.

55.Class begins. 上课。

56.Time is up. 时间到了。

57.Class is over. 下课了。

58.See you later. 待会见。

59.See you next time. 下次见。

60.Good-bye 再见。

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