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PartI Questions for Brief Answers ( 30 % 5×6 )

1. How do you make your class interesting?

2. What are the benefits of using songs ,rhymes and chants?

3. What does it mean to know a word?

4. Are there anything we should pay attention to while playing games in classroom?

5. What are the objectives in the New National English Curriculum?

Part II Activity designing(15% 1×15)

请根据Words and numbers这个游戏,设计一个词汇教学活动。要求包括以下几个方面:游戏类型、游戏目的、游戏教具、游戏过程。

Part III Mini-lesson Plan (55% 1×55)

Read the following material carefully and complete a teaching plan. The lesson plan should involve the items :teaching objective, important and difficult points,teaching methods, teaching aids ,teaching steps, etc.Make sure you give the assumed time for each step.

Do you like pears?

Let’s talk

Mom: Do you like peaches?

Amy: Yes, I do.

Mom: Do you like oranges?

Amy: No, I don’t.

Mom: What about pears?

Amy: Oh, I like them very much.

Mom: Let’s have some peaches and pears.

Amy: OK.

(peach; pear; orange; apple; watermelon; banana为旧知)

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