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最 佳 亲 子 英 文 书

Parts 1 In the morning

1-01 It's time to get up! Wake up! 该起床了,醒醒啦

●The sun is up. Time to get up.太阳都晒屁股啦,该起床了。

●Mom,I'm so sleepy. 5 more minutes.妈妈,我还没睡醒,再睡5分钟吧。

●You're running late! Get out of bed.不行 ,要迟到了,立刻起床。 It's already 7:00 AM.现在都7点了。 Next time, go to bed earlier.明天开始早点睡。

●All right. I am up now.知道了,已经起来了。

●Good morning, did you sleep well?早上好,宝贝睡得好吗? <叫孩子起床时用的语句> ●Wake up./Get up.醒醒。/起床了。

●Hurry and get up快点起床了。Rise and shine. 太阳晒屁股了。

●You, sleepyhead. Come on, don't be lazy.你这个小懒虫,还不起床,快点!

●Are you awake?睡醒了吗?

●Good morning.早上好! Did you have a good night/rest?宝贝睡得好吗?

●Is your Dad still sleeping?爸爸还在睡觉吗?

●Go and wake Dad up, please.去把爸爸叫醒!

●I dreamed about a tiger.我做噩梦了。

1-02 Let's do our exercises together. 跟妈妈一起锻炼吧

●Let's do some morning exercise.去晨练吧。 First, stretch yourself.先伸伸懒腰。 Now stretch to one side,then the other.右转转,左转转。

●Look at me! I did it.妈妈看我,我做到了。

●Let's swing your arms high.用力甩胳膊。 Let's try some jumping.做跳跃运动吧。 First curl up, then shoot into the air.先把身体蜷一下,然后往前跳。 <锻炼时用的语句> ●You should exercise. Follow me.你应该锻炼,跟我做吧。


●Before we exercise, let's do some stretching.锻炼前先放松身体。

●Stretch out your arms and legs.活动活动手脚。

●Touch your toes.触摸脚尖。

●Reach up high.把胳膊用力地伸展开。

●Turn your neck.转转脖子。

●Twist your waist.扭扭腰。

●Put your hands on your hips and turn to the right.把手放在屁股上向右转一转。

1-03 Go wash your face. 去洗脸吧

●Did you wash your face?洗脸了吗?

●No, I didn't.没有。

●Go wash your face and brush your teeth.快去洗脸刷牙吧。 Brush your teeth completely clean.把牙刷干净点。

●Chicka!Chicka!刷刷刷……刷刷刷…… Up and down, and side to side!上刷刷,下刷刷,从左到右再刷刷。

●Put some lotion on your face.抹点护肤液吧。 <洗漱时用的语句>

●First wash your face with soap.先用香皂洗脸吧。

●Then rinse your face.然后再用水清洗。

●Dry your face with a towel.用毛巾把脸擦干净。

●Put some toothpaste on your toothbrush.把牙膏挤在牙刷上。

●Brush your teeth.刷牙吧。

●Move your toothbrush up and down, and side to side.刷牙时上下左右都要刷。 ●Rinse your mouth out.漱口吧。

●Floss gently.用牙线轻轻地清理牙齿。


1-04 Hurry up and get dressed. 快去换衣服

●Here's your new suit.这是你的新衣服。 Put on your new suit while I set the table.我摆餐具时你去换新衣服。

●I don't like this suit!不喜欢这件衣服!

●I'm going to help you get dressed.我帮你换衣服。 First put on the pants. Now the shirt.先穿裤子。现在穿上衣 。 Good, you're all dressed-up.好的。穿好衣服帅气多了! <穿衣服时用的语句>

●What do you want to wear?想穿什么衣服?

●I want to wear my brand-new suit.我想穿我的新衣服。

●Chang your clothes./Get dressed.换衣服吧。/穿衣服。

●Look, I got dressed all by myself.看,我自己穿好衣服了。

●Take off your pajamas.脱掉睡衣吧。

●Put on your shirt.穿衬衣吧。

●Button your shirt.扣好扣子。

●Put on your shoes.Tie your shoelaces.穿好鞋,把鞋带系上。

1-05 Don't forget to brush your hair. 不要忘了梳头

●Look at yourself in the mirror.去照照镜子吧。 Don't forget to brush your hair.不要忘了梳头呀。

●I don't know where the pin is!我找不到发夹了。

●Fix yourself. Let me comb your hair.打扮得漂亮点,妈妈给宝贝扎头发吧。 How do you want your hair?扎什么样的辫子?

●In a ponytail.给我扎一个马尾吧。 <梳头发时用的语句>

●Comb your hair before you go out.出门之前梳梳头发吧。

●You need to do your hair.你得做个发型。


●Let me part your hair in the middle.给你的头发从中间分缝吧。

●Let me part your hair on the right side.从右边分缝吧。

●Let me braid your hair.给你编小辫吧。

●How about pigtails?扎两个小辫怎么样?

●Let's mousse your hair.我们来打点摩丝吧。

●It looks great./You're gorgeous!真好看。/你好漂亮呀!

1-06 Breakfast is ready. Let's have breakfast. 早餐准备好了,吃饭吧

●Time for breakfast!到吃早餐的时间了! Do you want toast or rice with soup?吃面包还是泡饭?

●Toast, please.面包。

●The toast and egg are ready. Here you are.面包和鸡蛋准备好了,给你。

●I don't want any eggs.我不想吃鸡蛋。

●Try it, you'll like it! Take a bite.尝尝吧,很好吃!就吃一口。

●It's yummy.真好吃。 <吃早餐时用的语句>

●I have something special for your breakfast.我给你准备了一些特殊的食物。

●Let's try a bit of spinach.吃一点菠菜吧。

●Okay, but only a little.好的,但只吃一点。

●Why don't you try a little bit?为什么不尝一点呢?

●Eat a lot.多吃点。

●All gone!都吃掉了!

●Have you finished eating?都吃完了吗?

●I want more!我还想吃呀!


1-07 It's raining. Put on your raincoat. 下雨了,要穿雨衣呀

●It's raining.下雨了。 You can't go outside until you get all your raincoat on!出去之前要穿雨衣呀! Put on your raincoat.穿上雨衣。 Put on your rubber boots.穿上雨鞋。 ●Where is my umbrella? 我的 雨伞在哪里?

●Here you are.给你。 We're ready for the rain. Let's go outside.做好雨天出发的准备了,走吧。 <下雨天用的语句>

●It's raining. Come on inside.下雨了,到里面去吧。

●We can't stay outside.我们不能在外面待着。

●We'll get soaked.会被淋湿的。

●Your raincoat is here.你的雨衣在这里。

●The raincoat will keep the rain off your whole body.这件雨衣可以帮你挡雨。

●Rubber boots will keep your feet dry in the puddles.雨鞋可以不让积水弄湿你的小脚丫。 ●Put your rain hat on.戴上雨帽吧。

●You're all dressed for the rain.穿戴好了不怕雨啦。

1-08 Are you ready to go out. 做好出发的准备了吗

●You'll be late for kindergarten.你要迟到了。 Do you pack your bag?书包整理好了吗? Do you have everything you need?该拿的东西都准备好了吗?

●I already packed the school bag.都准备好了。

●Are you ready to go?准备出发了吗?

●Yes. I am leaving, now.嗯,现在就出发了。 <爸爸送孩子上幼儿园时用的语句> ●Let's hurry and get ready to go to kindergarten.快点准备去幼儿园!

●Are you ready for kindergarten?准备好去幼儿园了吗?

●Did you pack your bag?书包准备好了吗?

●Check your books!看看有书落下没有?


●I put my books into my backpack.我把书装进书包里了。

●Put on your shoes.穿鞋吧。

●Put on your backpack.背上书包吧。

●Kiss me goodbye!来个吻别。

1-09 Here comes the school bus. 校车来了

●Minki, hurry up!民基,快点啦! We have to go now.我们现在就得走! Your school bus will be here soon.校车马上要来了。 Let's get going.走吧。 The school bus should be here already.校车应该已经到了。

●Here comes the school bus!校车来了!

●Let's get on the bus.赶紧上车吧。 Please watch your step.小心台阶。

●Okay,I'm coming.好的,我走啦。 <坐校车时用的语句>

●Let's hurry.You'll miss the bus.快点,要不赶不上校车了。

●We missed the bus.我们没赶上校车。

●But there's another bus in thirty minutes.下一趟得30分钟以后吧。

●Let's go to kindergarten by taxi.我们坐出租车去幼儿园吧。

●I'll give you a ride.我开车捎你过去。

●How long have you been waiting?等多久了?

●The school bus pulls up on time.校车是准时来的。

●We don't want to be late for school.Come on.我们可不想迟到呀,快点吧。

1-10 Daily Routines 生活常规

●wake up ●wash your face & brush your teeth ●get dressed ●eat breakfast ●take the bus to school ●listen to your teacher ●come home ●do your homework ●go to the market with mommy ●eat dinner ●watch TV ●exercise ●take a bath ●pack the bag ●listen to a story ●get into bed/go to sleep


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