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One language one person One language one subject

One language one period of time


Say goodbye to your mommy

T: Good morning, boys and girls K: Good morning, teacher T: Get off the bus, please, one by one. Be careful! D: Good morning, open your mouth and say “A…..”. Show me your hands. Ok, you can go now. T: Line up, please. Follow me to our classroom. Let’s go.

Morning Activities
T: Take off your schoolbag, please put it in the cupboard. Sit on the mat, please. Let’s have a roll call. Let’s start with (Mary) K: Here/Not here. T: Let’s do some finger plays. How about “Little bee”. Ready, set, go!

Bread Cake Jam Pie Porridge Cracker Sausage Biscuit Soybean milk Cookie Breakfast is waiting for us. Let’s see what’s for breakfast? Oh, We have (milk) and (eggs) for breakfast. What would you like to eat? What would you like to drink? Would you like to put away the (dishes)?

It’s time for morning exercises. Line up, please! Attention!1,2 Arms up! Arms down! Look forward! One step back. Please stand on the blue line/point.

Kinderpower 1, 2, 3

Nap time
Line up, please! Go to the bathroom. Please go pee-pee before you go to bed. Please take off your shoes and your clothes. Get your blanket. Lay down, please. Close your eyes. Have a nice dream.

Fruit dish
Apricot Kiwifruit Butter Noodle Cherry Plum Coconut Grape fruit Doughnut Candy Egg tart

Bacon Chicken Popcorn Peanut

cucumber carrot celery eggplant bean cauliflower onion leek spinach pepper pumpkin cabbage mushroom

Very good! Great! Fantastic! Excellent! Wonderful! That’s correct! Bingo! What a surprise! Good job!

Beautiful! Well done! You are super! You’re beautiful! You make me happy! You are perfect!

No problem. Try again. 没问题,再试一试 Think it over and try again! 仔细想想,再试一试 Much better! 好多了 You did it! 你做到了 I trust you. 我相信你 I knew you could do it. 我就知道你能做 I am very proud of you! 我为你感到骄傲! That’s a nice try!很棒的尝试 Hurray for you! 为你欢呼

There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name. B-I-N-GO(x3) and Bingo was his name.

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