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"Today's topic" pointed out several times: the international mainstream sciencedo not think the earthquake can be predicted, and that also does not know how to forecast in the foreseeable future. So let the China Earthquake Administrationtake "forecast function", is like a not understand English people to do thetranslation, it is ridiculous.

Of course, you should not take "earthquake could be forecast" go and ask theexperts at the China Earthquake Administration, Buffett said a famous saying:"never ask a barber whether you need a haircut". If you ask an expert at the China Earthquake Administration, he won't say no, otherwise not stultify oneself?

In fact, the China Earthquake Administration has long been ready for a speech:earthquake prediction (predicting) is the scientific method, the world recognizedproblem of earthquake prediction is not very mature, is still very low, but we can not do not do, but should make efforts to explore, and gradually improve the prediction level. And China had different degree forecast some destructive earthquakes. This set of words is "wit": if after the earthquake, you complain about theearthquake bureau did not forecast, it can move out of the first half to respond; if you want to say no to forecast earthquake bureau why, it can move out of the second half in response to.

Under the earthquake bureau both ways, a piece of the world's official institutions will not do, now also stately written in China laws. China Earthquake Administration functions explicitly includes "management of the nationalearthquake monitoring and prediction work". "Method" earthquake prevention and disaster relief of the people's Republic of China stipulates that "the competent department of the State Council earthquake work according to the results of seismic monitoring information research, predict the possible occurrence of an earthquake location, time and magnitude".

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