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Hellow my friends!

Are you ready?

到哈 我哈 猥, 琐我 的真 笑聪 容明 了, ?这 样 他 们 就 看 不

Allen Iverson (Allen's sport in Iverson), American NBA famous basketball player, has repeatedly NBA all-stars, served on the basketball dream team captain. In-situ net bounce height reach 40 inches high, run-up net bounce topped 45 inches (namely 114cm or so). On 26 June 1996 by The Philadelphia 76ers chosen to be The shortest in The history of The NBA draft, nicknamed

阿伦· 艾弗森(Allen Iverson),美国 NBA著名篮球运动 员,曾多次入选 NBA全明星阵容, 曾任美国男篮梦之 队队长。原地净弹 跳高度达到40.5英 吋,助跑净弹跳高 度更是达到了45英 吋(即114cm左右)。 1996年6月26日被 费城76人队选中, 成为NBA历史上最 矮的状元秀,绰号 “答案(The Answer)”。

Philadelphia people love Allen Iverson, and I also love him. I don’t know why Philadelphia people love him, but I have three reasons. Not only his perfect basketball skills, and his crossover, but his some qualities. 1.Strong(坚强) 2.Never give up!(永不言弃) 3.Dare to challenge(敢于挑战)

I like basketball, but my height gets me only to stay outside of the court watching the tall guys playing.

我喜欢篮球。但我的身高使我只能在球场边静静地看着高个子们的 表演。 When I felt very depressed, mom came to my side and said to me sincerely, "You are a man, no worse than any others, I hope my son can be the best one, go and just do it" Since then, I have got a proud feeling and looked down upon anything. Only one word exists in my heart. --some men are born to be hero.

Only The Strong Survive
They can not break me. The only way to break me is to kill me, and everything that does not kill me makes me stronger.

他们不可能打倒我,除非杀了我,而任 何不能杀了我的就只会令我更坚强!

Iverson was also the 2000– 2001 NBA Most Valuable Player and lead the 76ers to the NBA Finals that postseason.

艾弗森也在00—01赛 季带领76人闯进季后赛 决赛并获得最有价值球 员称号。

01年总决赛,艾弗森身背11处伤病,与当时如日中天的“OK” 组合进行对抗,但最终因两队差距太大而落败。可他身上那种 坚韧,顽强的精神赢得了全世界的尊敬!

Never give up!

No matter what , just do not give up .Always believe that your dream can come true and just keep working for what you want to achieve 无论如何都不要放弃。总要相信你的梦想是 可以实现,并且努力的为它奋斗。

Dare to challenge I do not to respect and fear anyone! 我不用尊 重和害怕任何人!

He looks forward to success.

We shoud learn his excelent Video abilities.

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