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look for friend

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mummy pig, Baby pig2pigs\2cats\2butterflies\2rabbits\2elephats 第一幕mummy pig, Baby pig

自我介绍:good afternoon\hello everyone ,I’m…(真实名)I’m a

beautiful\handsome girl\boy. I’m…(年龄)I like…Why…in this story I’m a…(剧中)

Baby pig: I’m sleepy I want to sleep

Mummy Pig:Look ,this is my baby .She is sleeping. She is lazy. I’m

angry. wake up, my baby, wake up…

Baby pig: No, I’m sleepy, mummy May I sleep a little longer? Mummy Pig: No way, get up quickly. Or ,I’ll beat you.

Baby pig:(打哈欠,伸懒腰)OK(穿衣服中)

Mummy Pig:(干家务)go to the bathroom brush your teeth, wash

your face, comb your hair

Baby pig: No, It’s boring at home. I’ll go out to look for friend. bye mummy.

Mummy Pig: Oh, my naughty baby.

第二幕:cat 2cat :cat catcatmiaomiaomiao

Baby pig: hello, cats. How R U?

--I’m fine .3Q.And you?

-- I’m fine too .Do you want to be my friend? Let’s play together. -- NO, I don’t want to be your friend.

--Why? --U R dirty. Let’s go bye.

--Heng. I’m angry. I’ll look for other friend.

第三幕:butterfly 第四幕:rabbit

第五幕:冲台下:Do you want to be my friend?

No I don’t want to be your friend.

Why ? U R dirty (crying)

mummypig:Oh baby, What’s wrong with you?

No body wants to be my friend.

Why ? I’m dirty

第六幕Elephant Two little elephants standing in a row Two little trunks waving hello

Oh says the elephant “Happy new year”

Mummy pig :baby Let’s take a shower. Look elephants .

Mummy\baby pig:elephantselephants come here I want to take a shower.

Every body come here take a shower(噜啦噜噜啦噜,撒光条)

Look pig is clean.

Do you want to be my friend? Yes I want to be your friend.(2) 第七幕song:Look for friend(绕场一周)

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