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01 - Alphabet Lesson Plan

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Eureka Lesson Plan Uppercase & Lowercase alphabet phonics sounds.

Long and short vowel sounds A-a, E-e, I-i, O-o, U-u.

Kids to familiarise themselves with the words in unit 1.

apple, ant, bird, banana, cat, camel, duck, dog, egg, elephant, flower, fish, gecko, guitar, horse, hat, ice cream cone, iceberg, jellyfish, jacket, kite, key, lion, ladybug, mermaid, monster, notebook, necklace, octopus, orange, panda, penguin, queen, quilt, rocket, rainbow, snake, star, tomato, tiger, umbrella, violin, van, whale, watch, x-ray, xylophone, yo-yo, zebra. Song:- Phonics songs 1 & 2

Alphabet song

Reading book:- Hello Children

10 Picture nouns & 10 sight words

Writing Exercise:- Spelling the words of unit 1 in alphabetical order & writing the alphabet both uppercase and lowercase. Reading and writing worksheets for the reading book “Hello Children”. Handwriting & Reading sheets and learning the song. MP4

provided. Handwriting sheet given, Reading sheet to be signed 5 times by Mom or Dad.

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