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新派The Rabbit and the Turtle

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? That rabbit! What a character!He was proud of his long ears. ? 那只兔子!真是个什么人物!他以长 耳朵自豪. ? He was proud of his long feet. ? 他以长腿自豪. ? And he was very proud of how fast he ran. ? 他以跑得快自豪

? "No one can catch me,"Rabbit said."I'm wonderful.Wonderful!" ? “没有人可以赶上我,”兔子说,“我 最棒,我最棒!” ? "He is terrible,"said Mouse. ? “他很糟糕,”老鼠说 ? "Awful!"said Spider."But what can we do?""I know what to do,"said Turtle. ? "可怕的!" 蜘蛛说,“但我们可以做什 么呢”?

? "Would you like to have a race?"Turtle asked Rabbit."Let's race to Big Rock." ? “你想来一场比赛吗,”乌龟问兔子 ,“让我们跑到大石头那里” ? "Do I want to race?With you?"Rabbit laughed. ? “我想比赛?和你?” 兔子笑了。 ? "You are a dirty,dull turle.A SLOW turtle." ? 你是一个脏的,无聊的乌龟,一个慢 慢的乌龟

? Turtle smiled."I can win,"he said.Rabbit stopped laughing. ? 乌龟笑了,"我会赢",他说,兔子停 止嘲笑。 ? "Let's go!"he said.They ran. ? "我们开始吧",他说,他们开始跑了 ? That rabbit was fast.He left Turle behind in no time. ? 那只兔子很快,他立刻把乌龟抛在后 面了

? Then he saw a restaurant."I'm hungry,"he thought. ? 然后他看见一家酒店,“我饿了”,他 想 ? "And that turtle is slow.I have time for dinner." ? 那只乌龟很慢,我有时间吃晚餐 ? Rabbit ate a delicious meal of fruit,cheese,and cake.

? 兔子吃了美味的一顿,水果,奶酪,和

? Turtle went past the restaurant.He didn't stop. ? 乌龟走过了饭店。他没有停。 ? But Rabbit caught up with him later and left him behind again. ? 但是兔子后来赶上他,他又落后了。 ? Rabbit felt a little tired then.He found a log. ? 兔子然后感到有一点累了。他发现了 一个木头。

? He decided to crawl in.He slept.Turtle did not stop.He went past the log. ? 他决定爬进去。他睡觉了。乌龟没有 停止。他走过了这个木头。 ? He was slow,but he ran and he ran. ? 他很慢,但是他跑啊跑啊。

? Suddenly Rabbit opened his eyes.He jumped up.He ran faster than before. ? 突然兔子打开眼睛,他跳起来,他跑 得比以前还快。 ? But he was too late.That turle was slow.But he did not stop. ? 但是太迟了,那只乌龟很慢,但是他 从来不停。 ? He did not give up.And he won! ? 他没有放弃,他赢了!

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