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role play group1

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role play(by group 1)

张思捷(Z):cook 陈桂贤(G):manager 王圣捷(W):bellboy 章越(Y):customer1 陈嘉慧(C):customer2 陈佰灿(B):hotel receptionist

first act:in the hotel lobby (Y,C走进酒店门) Y: Oh, what a small but beautiful hotel! C:Yeah. It is much cheaper than other big fancy ones. Y:How on earth did you find it?

C: I found it on the internet, and let’s go to the hotel reception now.



B:Ah.... I am sorry. Can i help you?

C:Yeah,we have reservations. My name is xxx. And i have paid on the internet already. This is my identity card.

B:Uh-huh. I got it. Miss xxx,this is your key.Your room number is 2-B. Please follow that bellboy.

(W出现,蛮横地拿走Y,C手上的行李,带领他们走向房间) W:Follow me.(粗鲁地)

second act:in the room


W:If you have any problem ,call 222222.(摔门而去)

C:Oh,he was so rude. As a bellboy, he is supposed to be polite and helpful , isn’t he? Y:Yes,he is gone now. Just forget him.Lets have a rest and enjoy ourselves.(欲往椅子上坐) Oh,my god. There is a stain on the chair and the leg of the chair is dented! C:(惊觉头上有水滴下来): A! The ceiling is leaking and the wall is peeling, too.Worse still, there are a few scratches on the table and it’s badly damaged. I feel a little anxious now.

Y:Relax.Things are not that bad, i am a little hungry. Why don’t you go to make a cup of tea, and I am going to order some food.


Y:(拨打电话)Hello,I need package, and I am in 2-B. Thank you.

C:Hey! The tap is jammed! There’s no water flowing from it.We can`t make a cup of tea.

Y: All right,we can have our meal frist and then ask someone to repair it.


Z: Ladies ,it is the custom to pay frist.100 Yuan,in total.

Y: (给钱)Of course.

Z:(咳咳)Eh...You are expected to..(伸手作数钱状)

Y: I am sorry. I forget it.Here you go..(拿小费给Z,Z放下食物走了)


C: The food is undercooked, and there is a chip on the plate. Don`t you realize? That cook`s hands are dirty,and she hadn’t cleaned her hands before she cooked for us. Y: And there are some stains on her clothes.What`s wore,the juice has already gone sour! I can not bear it now! Lets find the manager.(拨打电话) I am the guest in Room 2-B, I need to meet your manager, now!


G: Good morning ladies,what can i help you?

C: Actually,not good! At frist, the receptionist was sleeping while working and the bellboy was impolite and rude,he tossed our bags casually. Then,the room is awful! The ceiling is leaking and the wall is peeling.Table and chair are damaged. The tap is jammed. We cannot even drink a cup of tea. Another thing that we`d be angry about is the food! Not only the food undercooked,and but juice is also pass the sell-by date. Though the price of this hotel is cheap. You can`t treat us in this way!

Y: Proper measures must be taken to slove these problems. If not ,we will leave and will not come here anymore.

G:I am sorry for hearing that ! The problems are not our intentions ,so i will solve them properly. Frist, we will replace a VIP room for you free. And you can also get the refund.. Then, we will punish the illegal staffs. In serious cases, they will be fired. And the bad food will be replaced too, we will offer you a big meal made by the best cook here free. Are you satisfied with my solutions?

Y:Yes. Thank you. Your service attitude is commendable.

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