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Grpup 9

Lady gaga poker face

Lady Gaga was born in New York , 1986,parents were Italian.Child enrolled a School named the Sacred Heart. In 2006,Gaga dropout from New York University ,became a professional lyricist. And work for Britney Spears , Akon and other famous singer. When Akon found her genius in music and wonderful voice , he signed Gaga to his own , since she began preparations for her first album.

2008 , Gaga released her first album ”The Fame” , she explained that this album is about How to make everyone feel famous.

Enjoy the Music now

The feeling
I think gaga is very special.Most people think she grabbed attention by her exaggerated.But not me. What she fascinates me isn’t her makeup,but her talent in music and her courage Which support her to hold on her dream. She led a hard life before she was known by public. At that time,she still kept her mind.No pain and frustration would stop her.I love this song.I Love her spirit and thought.

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