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2. Robinson Crusoe

姓名:朱 蜜


What has Robinson impressed me?

Happily enough I finished one of the greatest adventure novels—Robinson Crusoe, it showed so many aspects of society and the main character that I was deeply attracted by the novel. Not only because of its meticulous description of the ocean and the hurricane, but because of it reflected the social life at that time and showed the spirits of adventures.

Yang Yaoming pointed out that Robison had done a great deal of things in detail. Features of the island changed, so did Robinson’s. Whenever he decided to solve his problems, difficulties came without any hesitations, most of which seemed to be insurmountable. But with the power of determined will, he succeed. Everything was completed by himself through his hands or so-called hard-working. Robinson Crusoe lively displayed the power of labor hood and what manual work can do. As another critic author said, the novel symbolically demonstrates the basic trace of the human development by Robinson ’ s 28 years’ hard experiences in the desolate island , and put s forward a theme that work creates history.

First of all, Robinson was a typical colonist of capitalism, characterized by bravery, strong will, pursuit of fortune, self-development and self-innovation with fierce sense of enjoying personal freedom, occupying on exploring and exploiting new lands during the British colonial period. That Robinson explored and exploited on the wild island just displayed the likewise process of the establishing of the British Empire’s colonial locations. This novel is the portrayal of the overseas expansion of the early British colonialism and the imperialism, as well as a miniature of the western colonialist exploitation overseas.

Secondly, what Robinson touched I most was his appreciation of people whoever helped him. On the way to Guinea, Robinson and his sailors encountered with hurricane and storm’s attack. Only he survived after the combating against nature disaster. In front of the wonder run crazily here and there did he and rose up his hands in order to express his appreciation to god. Robinson would pray for god and thanked him for leaving him living in the island peacefully every time when he sat down and had meals. He thought his living conditions had been improved a lot than it used to be, which made him learned how to face so many unfortunates in life and understand that we should enjoy more what we have earned but not what we still are in lack. After returning to England, Robinson carried out more detailed actions to people who had ever come to his rescue. For example, he entrusted profits of his plantation to his old captain and offered 100 moidore from every year’s profits as payback. And the old captain’s sons could receive 50 moidore when he was dead. Besides, he brought many daily necessities to people in his lands, especially ammunition, clothes and tools for them.

Thirdly, I could not forget Robinson’s attitudes towards disasters and unfortunates. Even if he was so afraid of being attacked and killed when he saw some footprints left by something for a long time. However, I admired his bravery and determination to adapt himself to the wild and

deserted island only by himself. He presented human’s great power and kept in harmony with nature.

Lastly, I was convinced that life was filled with unfortunates and disasters we could not escape and pass by easily. Although life is like this, it leaves hope and wonders for us and waiting for me to change my mind. And I am supposed to be more open-minded and lucky angles will come to me at any moments.

All in all, so many of us are complaining about the cruelty and unequal of life. As a result, few of them have gained what they are longing for. In contrast, I learn from this novel that it is cruel life what stimulates us to be more independent and valiant; it is brutal life what brings us precious fortune while it sends setbacks and tortures and it is relentless life what accompanies us all the time. Therefore, we should appreciate whatever life gives us like Robinson did.

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