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English Class Half-day Activities Lesson Plan

Class: Nursery-1 Teacher:Ellie Time: 2013.2. Topic:Chant:: Guess


1.Be able to sing and feel of the song’s rhyme.

2.Be able to perform this song.

3.Enjoy showing themselves in front of class.

Key words and sentences:

What’s your name? Did you get it? Let’s try again.

Preparation: Materials: video, ppt.

A. Warm Up.

Review song:Brown Bear,Brown Bear,What Do You See?.

B. Presentation:

Lead in:

T:"Everybody look at pictures, what can you see?"

T:"And now, I will invite a kid come here to ask ‘What;s this’.Who wants to try?"

C. Practice:

1.Listen and watch.

T: "Now,listen carefully,pick the picture I said."

T: "Can you guess?"

T:"Guess,guess,what’s this?"

T:"It’s a ...."

2.Read and say.

T:"Who wants to be the little teacher?"

T:"Little teacher ,you should ask ‘Guess,guess,what’s this?’."

T:"The rest of you should answer ‘It’s a ...’."

3.Act it out

T:"Follow the vidio."

D. Assessment:

T:" Today we have a fun time with them. Everybody go pee pee and drink some water."

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