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1A sore B toothache D headache C fever 2A blue B pink C red D colour 3A pass B between C hear D bounce 4A am B be Cis D are 连词成句。 1so happy look you. 2 you do feel how? 3 sorry hear that to I'm .

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1 How Tom feel? A do B are C does )2 He tired. A is B am C are )3 I have a cold. I feel A good B sick C looks )4 Tom so hapy today. A like B are C looks )5 What's matter? A a B an C the )6 I have a cold. Oh! I'm to hear that. A happy B sorry C nice )7Jack a computer.A have B haves C has )8Tom and John tired. A are B am C is )9Sarah's parents work hard. They are A bore B tired C sad )10 My parents will take me to the if I feel worse. A hospital B school C home


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