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一、将所缺的字母补充完整 a b d e f h m n o p r s t u w x y z 二、连线 Who is he ? Two pandas. How many pandas? He is Peter. Happy new year ! I’m going to the park. Good morning ! Happy new year ! Where are you going ? Good morning. Hello ! It’s the letter O. What is it ? Glad to meet you, too. Glad to meet you ! Hello! 三、按要求画画。 1. Draw a banana, colour it yellow. 2. Draw a dog, colour it black and white. 3. Draw a cat, colour it black. 四、看图阅读问题,用一个单词回答这些问题。 1. How many apples are there ? ———————————— 2. How many oranges are there ? ———————————— 3. How many bananas are there ?

———————————— 4. How many pears are there ? ———————————— 5. How many peaches are there ? ————————————

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