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Xu Zhimo
---- a poet

Xu zhimo, zhejiang haining famous Chinese crescent send modern poets, essayist,advocating the new poetry of China, the development of new poetry has made important contribution.

Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again
Very quietly I take my leave As quietly as I came here; Quietly I wave good-bye To the rosy clouds in the western sky.
再别康桥 ----徐志摩

轻轻的我走了, 正如我轻轻的来; 我轻轻的招手, 作别西天的云彩。

Pictures of his former residence

Wang Guowei
---a poet

Wang Guowei's life three realm
1.Westerly winds withered trees up last night. Climbing up the stairs and being lonely on the loft, I overlooked the endless distance.

2.The dress takes to loosen gradually and I am more and more emaciated, No regretful plying at all, I am rather for her only distressed as I did.

3.when all at once I turn my head,find her/him there lantern light is dimly shed.

Jing Yong
---a novelist

Jin Yong , is one of the most influential modern Chineselanguage novelists.His fifteen novels and short fiction composed earned him a reputation as one of the finest writers ever. Over 100 million copies of his works have been sold worldwide

Some famous novels
The Heavenly Sword and the

Dragon Saber ---------- 倚天屠龙记

The Return of the Condor Heroes


? ——纯PPT打造

Haining tide
an unusual spectacle

Haining tide, also called qiantang river tide, has a long history, is a nature wonders of the world.



Haining China leather city is the leather price information, market prices, the popular trend of release centre. She Haining city has won "the Leather national civilized market",

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