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Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province, economic, technological, educational and cultural center. The National Center City, the largest city in southern China, Chinese history and culture.

Guangzhou New TV Tower, was completed in Sept. 2009. Up to 600 meters, has become the world's first tower has been built. Tourism is a to (overlooking the panoramic view of Guangzhou) based, with radio and television transmission, the window function of cultural entertainment and urban infrastructure in large cities, the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games held in the sixteenth to provide transmission services. Guangzhou has become a new landmark.

The old big house of Xiguan is a treasure of traditional buildings in Guangzhou, in the past mostly wealthy businessman's home, interior decoration and elegant, tall and bright, with halls, beautifully decorated, exquisite, has the Lingnan flavor and style.

Pearl River is the largest river in southern China, 2,400 km, is the third largest river in China. Pearl River has abundant water resources, the shipping value of the door to the country second only to the Yangtze River. Pearl River Delta is China's grain, sugar, an important producer of freshwater fish and one of silkworm.

In addition, the Pearl River Night Cruise with a southern Guangzhou City, the characteristics of tourism projects. At night, brightly splendid cruise not only for the Pearl River graces, but also enjoy watching the beautiful night view of tourists and enjoy the "Pearl of water the night rhyme," the true flavor.

Shameen Island has more than 150 European-style building, is the most exotic of Guangzhou buildings in Europe, but also a famous tourist area of Guangzhou, scenic and leisure resort. Green Island is better, fresh air, environmental health is very good and can be called a paradise in Guangzhou. Buildings, mostly late 19th century building, with a Western style, basically heritage.

Guangzhou people like to drink tea, in particular, love to drink morning tea. We like to drink tea with good friends in holiday. Tea is still followed, mainly snack and chat. Dim sum variety, beautifully produced, each flavor. Famous points, snacks, style food abound. Do not drink tea at the Lingnan culture constitutes a significant other cultural characteristics.

Shangxiajiu pedestrian street is one of the three traditional prosperous commercial center in Guangzhou City, renowned at home and abroad. Total length of 1218 meters, a total of 238 types of commercial outlets and thousands of businesses. In the long history, and gradually formed a commercial pedestrian street of today's Chinese and Western style features four Xiguan, and build into a unique, colorful painting style of the Xiguan. To create a beautiful landscape of tourism.

Chen's Lineage Hall also known as Guangzhou Chen Clan Academy. Building area of 15,000 square meters, the size of the 19 buildings. Chen's Lineage Hall with its talent for decorative art

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