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动物绝对不应该穿衣服Animals should definitely not wear clothing

发布时间:2014-04-20 10:04:03  

海豚绘本花园——动物绝对不应该穿衣服Animals should definitely not wear clothing because it would be disastrous for a porcupine,

because a camel might wear it in the wrong places,

because a snake would lose it,

because a mouse could get lost in it,

because a sheep might find it terribly hot,

because it could be very messy for a pig,

because it might make life hard for a hen,

because a kangaroo would find it quite unnecessary,

because a giraffe might look sort of silly,

because a goat would eat it for lunch,

because it would always be wet on a walrus,

because a moose could never manage,

because opossums might wear it upside down by mistake,

and most of all, because it might be very embarrassing.

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