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Drama K3A

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Drama K3A

How To Train a T-Rex And Win Gold Medals

(1)T-Rex- I want to be a good sportsman and win gold medals, but how?

Dog-You are big…fat…and lazy, I think.

T-Rex- Don’t call me lazy….I’ll show you that I can learn and win. Dog- Let’s go and visit the athletes, let’s see how they do it.

(2)How did you win all the gold medals, Mr swimmer?

Swimmer-Hmmm….Well it takes a lot of hard work and determination.

T-Rex&Dog- Like what?

Swimmer-Well every week in practice I had to swim 60,000 meters. Dog- Ok….1…2….3…4….5…..6……oh I’m lost!!!!

Swimmer- Well that’s like swimming the full length of the Great Wall of China…..three times.

T-Rex&Dog- Wow…That’s a lot of work.

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