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Stella:Can I play ,Suzy ?


Stella:where is my bedroom ?

Suzy :It’s there,next to the bathroom.


Suzy :Put the blue mat on the floor next to the bed.

Stella: Can I have pone in my bedroom?

Suzy : No.you can’t .the phone is in the living room

next to the sofa.

Stella:Can I have lamp,please?

Suzy :Ok, you can put the lamp on the table

next to the bed.

Stella:Thanks,Suzy.where can I put the armchair ?

Suzy :Put it in the living room under the clock.

Stella:Is the mirror in my bedroom ?

Suzy : The mirror in your bed room ? No,There isn’t

Stella:There are three mirrors

Suzy :One in the bathroom,one in my bedroom,

one in Simon’s bedroom.


Clock lamp mat mirror phone


There’s a mirror in the bathroom,

And a phone in the hall.

A sofa in the living room,

A clock on the wall.

There’s a lamp on the table,

And a mat next to the bed.

There’s a boat in the bath,

And the boat is red.


There is a girl in the sofa.

There is a phone in the bedroom

There is a boat in the bed

There is a sofa in the hall.

There is a lamp under the window.

There is a boy in the bed.


Grandpa:Simon, Stella,can you take your clothes to your bedroom,please ? Simon, Stella:Ok,

Grandpa:Whose T-shirt is that ?

Stella: which T-shirt ?

Grandpa:the yellow one.

Stella:It’s Suzy’s .

Simon:No,it isn’t It’s mine

Stella:No,Simon. That T-shirt is very small. Yours is a big yellow one over there. Simon:Oh,yes.

Grandpa:Ok,er Are those blue socks yours ,Simon ?

Simon: No,they aren;t mine. They are dad’s.

Grandpa:Oh,whose black trousers are those ?

Simon,Stella:They are yours ,grandpa.


Grandpa:Whose T-shirt is that?

Simon:It’s mine.

Grandpa:Oh,whose black trousers are those ?

Simon,Stella:They are yours ,grandpa.


Look at this !

Look at this !

Whose are these shoes?

Stella! Are they yours ?

No,they aren;t mine!

Hmm,which shoes are Simon’s?

Which,which,which,which ?

which shoes are Simon’s ?

The grey ones are his

Hmm.Which shoes are Suzy’s?

Which,which,which,which ?

which shoes are Suzy’s ?

The red ones are hers.

So!Whose shoes are those ?

Whose ,whose,whose,whose ?

Whose shoes are those ?

Those are grandpa’s

Granfpa;s ?



Ellie elephant

Seven pets in seven beds

Ten elephants with big heads.

Toys in the toy box.

Come alive.

Walk and talk.

On the count of five,

One, two, three, four, five.

Maskman:Let’s play hide and seek.

Morie:Trevor,close your eyes and count to 20. Trevol:。。。。17,18,19,20 I’m coming.

Trevol:Where are they ?Whose is that tail ?Ha,ha。 I can see you,monty .you’re under the armchair. Monty:Ok,Well done,Trevor.

Monty:Look,Whose feet are those ? Come out ,

Trevol: Maskman.We can see ou next to the bookcase. Now ,where ‘s Marie?

Monty:Marie’s in the cupboard.Look!That’s her tail. Maskman:Eeeek!whta’s that ?

Monty:It’s a toy horse.

Marie:I win.

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