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牛郎织女 英文版

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the Cowboy and the Weaver Girl

Niu Lang’s parents were gone when he was very ['pe?r?nts] [w?:] [ɡ?n] [wen] [w?z] young and he lived with an old ox. One day, the [ j??] ['l?vd] [w?e] [de?] ox opened his mouth and said suddenly: “Today, ['??p?nd] [h?z] [s?d?nli] it is lunar July 7th when the fairies are having bath ['lu:n?(r) [d?ula?] [f??riz] ['h? v??] [bɑ:θ] in the river! Please go and ['r?v?(r)] steal Zhi Nv’s clothes and [sti:l] [kl?uez] she will be your wife.”

Niu Lang took away Zhi Nv’s clothes as the ox
[kl?uez] [? z] told. The bell rang in the South Gate in the heaven, [t?k] [?'we?]

[t??ld] [bel] [r??] [sa?θ] [ɡe?t] ['hevn] so the fairies had to leave. Zhi Nv was very worried [s??] [f??riz] [h? d] [li:v] [w?rid] and cried. Just the moment, Niu Lang came and [kra?d] ['m??m?nt] [ke?m] returned the clothes. Therefore, Zhi Nv became [r?'t?:nd] [ee?f?:(r)] [b?'ke?m] Niu Lang’s wife.

How time flied! Their daughter was six years old [fla?d] [eer] [d?:t?(r)] and son three years old.

The Queen Mother knew that Zhi Nv was Living [nju:] [liv??] in the world and asked the heavenly soldiers to [w?:ld] [? skt] [hevnli] ['s??ld??] caught Zhi Nv, sentencing her in the heavenly [k?:t] [sent?ns??] court. Niv Lang and Zhi Nv [k?:t] was forced to be separated. [f?:st] ['sep?re?t?d]

When Niu Lang was very sad , the old ox said [wen] [w?z] [s? d] again: “Niu Lang, you can fly to the sky to be after [?'ɡen] [fla?] [ska?] ['ɑ:ft?] your wife with your children by killing me and ['t??ldr?n] [k?l??] covering you with my skin.” [k?v?r??] [sk?n] Niu Lang killed the ox [k?ld] in tears. [t??s]

Really, after wrapping the skin of the ox, he flew [ri:?li] ['r? p??] [sk?n] [flu:] with his daughter and son and found his wife. The [d?:t?] [s?n] [fa?nd] whole family hugged together and cried. Just the [h?ul] [h?g?d] [kra?d] moment, holding her golden hairpin, the Queen ['h??ld??] ['ɡ??ld?n] [he?p?n] Mother swung her arms in the sky. A heavenly [sw??] [hevnli] river appeared between Niu Lang and ['r?v?] [?'p??d] [b?twi:n] Zhi Nv who were separated again. ['sep?re?t?d] [?'ɡen]

Niu Lang and his children were in the west of [west] the river, while Zhi Nv was in the east of the river. ['r?v?] [wa?l] [i:st] Later, the Queen Mother was moved by their love. ['le?t?] [mu:vd] [ba?] [eer] [l?v] She allowed Niu Lang and Zhi Nv to meet once a [?'la?d] [mi:t] [w?ns] year by the bridge made by the [br?d?] [me?d] magpies on lunar July 7th. ['m? gp??z] ['lu:n? ][d?ula?]

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