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lesson 20 silk workers

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Silk Workers

Agnes Smedley

information related to the text

?Agnes Smedley

?Jesse James

information related to the textAgnes Smedley


?a great journalist and writer

?born in the town of Osgood, Missouri; grew in a mining town, Trinidad, Colorado

?little schooling, left home at the age of 16?moved to NY, and got a job at a magazine?moved to Berlin from 1918 to 1928?went to China as a correspondent

?came back to U.S. in 1941

?Charged with being a Soviet spy in 1949

information related to the textAgnes Smedley


?Daughter of Earth

?Portraits of Chinese Women in Revolution?Battle Hymn of China

?The Great Road: The Life and Times of Chu Teh

?China Fights Backe, an American Woman with The Eighth Route Army

?China's Red Army Marches

?Chinese Destinies

information related to the text?written at a time when the Kuomintang and Chinese Communists were in a united front against the Japanese Invasion

?though the book describes a war, it is mostly about how various individuals react to the war.?she takes an individual and non-ideological view.

information related to the text?an outlaw, one of the world's legendary characters, who attracted worldwide fascination?some call him America's Robin Hood, while others see him as a cold-blooded killer?a lot of movies and creations about him

information related to the text?《神枪手之死》是一部2007年美国西部电影,由美国导演Andrew Dominik执导,改编自Ron Hansen1983年出版的同名小说,由布拉德·皮特、卡西·阿弗莱克等人领衔主演。剧本及小说根据真人真事改编,讲述年轻时的罗拔·福特从崇拜著名美国土匪杰西·詹姆斯,加入他的土匪团,到后来背叛詹姆斯并与警方合作,跟兄长合谋暗杀詹姆斯的经过,再补充暗杀成功后的福特最终自己亦被人杀害前的数年余生。

Objectivity & Bias

Reporting + Ethics = Journalism?Journalists should strive to be…

??“Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”

?objective, unbiased:

?“Every coin has two sides”

??“Not beholden to anyone”and “For the people”?

Basic Definitions

?in a journalistic sense?

–Not influenced by personal feelings, prejudice, or concerns

–Based on facts, not mere speculation or opinion

–Unbiased newsgathering and reporting?–To have a particular inclination or


–To approach a subject with preconceived notions


?Some obvious, truths:–The earth revolves around the sun

–America and China are large countries–Putonghua is the

official language of the PRC

–Christianity is one of the worlds major religions?opinions and beliefs:–The sun is toohot–America is the bestcountry in the world–China is the bestcountry in the world–Chinese should onlyspeak Putonghua–Christianity is the onetruereligion

The history of objectivity

?Believe it or not, journalistic objectivity is a relatively recent development.

?In the past, it was common for “factual”reports to be heavily slanted.

–Ex: Some ancient historical records

?The ideal of objectivity was a response to sensationalism and propaganda.

?There was too much bias in the press.

But wait…

?Is total objectivity even possible?

?And, does the fact that a statement is

biased always mean that it’s bad or false?–China is a great place to live.

?Biased or objective? True or false?

–We should all strive for world peace.

?Biased or objective? Would world peace be good or bad?

Is total objectivity possible??Many journalists today concede that total objectivity is impossible.

–Journalists are human; they do have opinions.?So, instead of claiming that they are

completely objective, journalists try to be aware of their own opinions so they can keep them in check.

“Objective”Journalism?The journalist uses an objective tone in his reporting.

?In other words, the audience should not be able to tell from the story what the journalist’s personal opinion is.

?The story (not necessarily the reporter) should be as impartial and fair as possible.

?Therefore, they can and do report stories that do not reflect their own personal views.

So, what’s the point?

?When you read the news, you should try to be careful to sort through what’s being said –to recognize whether or not there is some bias behind the report.

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