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Teaching plan

一、Teaching topic: Review Unit 11 My birthday! P66-71

二、Teaching contents:

Review words: burger cake lemonade orange sausage watermelon

Review sentence patterns: Would you like...? Yes, please/ No, thanks

What would you like to eat/drink?

I’d like burger and fries/orange juice, please

三、 Teaching goals:

1. Able to spell the words

2. Able to use the sentence patterns.

四、Teaching aids: 1. flashcard

五、Teaching steps:

Step one: warm up

1、 Roll call

First, let’s have a roll call, when you call one student’s name, he/she should stand up and say “here”, if someone is not here, the other students should say “not here” together.

2、 Greeting

T: Good evening, everyone! S: Good evening, teacher!

T: How was your day today?

S: It’s fun/bad

T: What’s the weather like?


Step two:

1、Review the words

Activity: Show the flashcards, let students say the words and

spell them. Teacher say Chinese let the students write down English. Game: 1. You do, I say

Divide students to two teams, each team have two students, one student show the words in body and the other one guess. The team guess more words can get star.

2. Rob chair

The students run chicles around the chair, when music stop, the students not sit on chair should spell words. The student who sit on last one chair can get star.

2、Review the sentences

Teacher say Chinese let the students say English. Write down the sentences in whiteboard, let student say the sentences one by one.

Game: Fighting chicken

The students use one foot and jump to collide another students, the student who stand on two feet is lose .

Step three:

Let the students read story follow teacher, then let them read it with themselves .

Game: Catch people


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