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Present by Group H Lecture:Eris(高云波) Teammember:Sam(陈鉴) Alan(吕潇) Allen(翟志阳)

The topic about MidAutumn Festival
Origin Moon cake Celebrate forms

? B e dated from Shang Dynasties. Xia and ?In the Zhou Dynasty,greet winter and worship the moon ?In the Tang Dynasty ?In the Southern Dynasty, send round cakes ? Since the Ming Dynasties, i t popular. Song moon Worship moon Han Dynasty

and Qing becomes

Moon cake
?Moon cake stuffing: nuts,red beans,egg yolk or fruit. ? Today,Ice-Cream Moon Cake like Ganso cake and Haagen Dazs mooncake popular

Celebrate forms
?In guangzhou: a huge lantern show ?In hongkong: Dragon dance ?South of the Yangtze River: August semi eat pumpkin cooked glutinous Steamed Rice(糯 米饭)

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