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About architecture schools

Classical style(古典主义风格)BC800-AD1550
Ancient Greece architecture (BC800-AD300)古希腊建筑风格 Roman architecture(BC300-AD365)古罗马建筑风格 European medieval architecture(AD400-AD1400)欧洲中世纪建筑风格 Renaissance style(AD1420-AD1550)文艺复兴建筑风格

Neo-classical architectural style(新古典主义风格) Modern architecture style(现代建筑风格)AD1960-Post-modern style(后现代建筑风格)AD1980--


Ancient Greece architecture
1. Central is a living room, hall, surrounded by columns, can be collectively referred to as Central pillar construction. (中央是厅堂,大殿,周围是柱子, 可统称为环柱式建筑)

Acropolis 雅典卫 城

2. Column of the style. There are four style: 1. Doric column, 2. Ionic column, 3. Corinthian column, 4. girl statue column. (柱式的式样。共有四种柱式:1. 陶立克柱式,2. 爱奥尼克柱式,3. 科林斯式柱式,4. 女郎雕像柱式)

3. Greek architecture and Greek sculpture is tightly bound together. (希腊的建筑与希腊雕刻是紧紧结合在一起的。)

Roman architecture
Ancient Roman architecture bearing the ancient Greek civilization‘s architectural style, is also a development of ancient Greek architecture. Roman architecture and sculpture very different to the symmetrical construction, the grand and the civilized world. (古代罗马建筑承载了 古希腊文明中的建筑风 格,同时又是古希腊建 筑的一种发展。罗马建 筑与雕塑艺术大相径庭, 以建筑的对称、宏伟而 文明世界)

Roman Colosseum 古罗马斗兽场

European medieval architecture
Romanesque church looks like a feudal lord's castle, the cross plane, the short horizontal, vertical length, the intersection near the eastern end. This is called a Latin cross to a symbol of the cross of Christ crucified, but also to enhance the significance of religion (罗马式教堂外形像封建领主的城堡,为十字形平 面,横向短,竖向长,交点靠近东端。这叫做拉 丁十字架,以象征耶稣钉死的十字架,更加强了 宗教的意义)

Cologne Cathedral 科隆主教堂 First, size and height to create a new record, followed by the body very strong upward momentum, Brisk vertical line over the body. (首先在尺度和高度上创造了新纪录,其次是 形体向上的动势十分强烈,轻灵的垂直线遍 布全身。)

Hagia Sophia 圣索菲亚大教堂

Renaissance style
The most obvious features of Renaissance architecture is discarded the medieval Gothic style, and in the religious and secular buildings of ancient Greece to re-use of the composition elements of Roman column. Even the architectural style of the various regions fused together with the classical column. (文艺复兴建筑最明显的特 征是扬弃了中世纪时期的哥 特式建筑风格,而在宗教和 世俗建筑上重新采用古希腊

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