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新概念 Unit10

一、 连线

eight three five Be quiet. mud bug rug mug

安静 泥土 小地毯 八 五 大杯子 三 虫子

二、 写出完整形式

I’m=________ I’m not=________ you’re=________ you aren’t=________

三、 写出汉语意思

1. Happy birthday. ________________

2. I’m ten. ________________

3. Are you four? ________________

4. I’m not six. ________________

5. I don’t know. ________________

6. The bus is in the mud. ________________

7. The mug is on a rug. ________________

8. How old are you? ________________

9. What’s your name? ________________

10. I can’t find my rubber. ________________ 四、情景匹配:

( )Can I help you? A.Three.

( )What colour? B.It’s in the study.

( )How much is it? C.It’s nice.

( )Here you are. D.A vest,please.

( )What about the red one? E.Sounds good.

( )Where’s the camera? F.Blue.

( )What about some juice? G.Ten yuan.

( )How many cars can you see? H.Thank you.

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