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小孩出生习俗 ppt

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Today’s Topic…
Birth and birthdays

In the U.S., ?What customs are there before a baby is born? ?What choices are there for the birth of a baby? ?What customs are there after a baby is born? ?What birthdays are important, if any? ?How are birthdays celebrated? Be ready to tell the class your ideas.



Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she will see a special doctor called an OB or obstetrician. This is a doctor that specializes in childbirth. The doctor will calculate the baby’s due date and recommend the best foods to eat and vitamins to take for the mother and growing baby to be healthy.

Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
The doctor will also advise what medicines the mother-to-be can take if she becomes sick. A pregnant woman is strongly advised by her doctor to drink no alcohol and to stop smoking if she is a smoker. Both of these activities can harm the development of the baby.

Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
Diet and exercise are important for a mother-tobe. If there are no health issues, doctors usually recommend that pregnant women continue life as usual. Whatever they did before they became pregnant, they should continue to do (as long as it isn’t something dangerous!). This includes exercise. Swimming is one of the best exercises because it uses all the body’s muscles and puts little pressure on the joints.

Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
Throughout the pregnancy, there will be ultrasounds at particular times to check on the baby’s growth and development. Parents can find out the baby’s gender if they want. Parents can also watch the ultrasound and see their baby while it is still in the womb.

Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
Parents prepare for the baby in several ways: ?choosing possible names, ?buying items the baby will need, ?decorating the baby’s room, ?making a plan for when the wife goes into labor (choosing a hospital, making sure of the route to the hospital, arranging for someone to watch other, packing a bag with clothes and important phone numbers to take to the hospital).

Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
Many couples will attend special birthing classes to prepare for the labor and birth of their baby. These classes will explain what will happen during the birth process and teach the wife special breathing exercises to use when she is in labor. The husband is taught how to coach his wife to use the breathing exercises when she is in labor.

Pre-birth customs in the U.S.
Baby showers are a common custom in the U.S. A baby shower is a party where a woman’s friends and family give gifts that the new baby will need.

Birth customs in the U.S.
A woman in the U.S. has many choices when it comes to the birth of her child. First, she needs to decide where she will have the baby ?At home (usually with a midwife present) ?At a birth center (similar to a home birth) ?At a hospital (with a doctor present) (a midwife is a specially trai

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