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Unit 10 Active reading 2
Echo and Narcissus

Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentences Words to note

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Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentence 1
He stooped down to drink, and saw his own image in the water; he thought it was some beautiful waterspirit living in the fountain. He stood gazing with admiration at those bright eyes, these locks curled like the locks of Bacchus or Apollo, the rounded cheeks, the ivory neck, the parted lips and the glow of health and exercise over all. He fell in love with himself. He brought his lips near to take a kiss; he plunged his arms in to embrace the beloved object. It fled at the touch, but returned again after a moment and renewed the fascination. He could not tear himself away; he lost all thought of food or rest, while he hovered over the brink of the fountain gazing upon his own image.

Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentence 1
这段话文学性较强,翻译的时候要注意用词,以体现 那喀索斯的美及原文的节奏。

正当他俯身饮泉水时,他看见了水中自己的倒影,却 以为那是一个住在水中的美丽水精灵。他满怀爱意地 注视着水中那双明亮的眼眸,那像巴克斯和阿波罗和 一样卷曲的秀发,圆润的面颊,如象牙般的雪白脖颈, 微启的双唇,还有全身散发出的健康与活力。他爱上 了自己,俯身去吻水中的影子;他把双手伸入水中去 拥抱这个心爱之物。那影子一碰就立刻消失得无影无 踪,但过一会又出现了,再一次让他心驰神迷。他不 舍得离开,茶饭不思,徘徊在泉边凝视着自己的倒影。


Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentence 2
There was a clear fountain, with water like silver, to which the shepherds never drove their flocks, nor the mountain goats resorted, nor any of the beasts of the forest; neither was it defaced with fallen leaves or branches; but the grass grew fresh around it, and the rocks sheltered it from the sun. 翻译的时候要注意nor /neither。

林中有一口清泉,泉水清亮如水银,牧羊人从来不把 羊群赶到这里,山羊不在此驻足,林中的百兽也不在 这儿逗留,泉水上没有落叶残枝,但水边芳草萋萋, 还有岩石替它遮蔽烈日。

Active reading 2: Resources

Words to note
New Words Phrases

1. 2. 3. 4.

forfeit gaze renew depart

tear away
pine away

Active reading 2: Resources



to be forced to give up a right, a benefit, or something you own, because you have broken a rule or law 他们要是搬走了,就会被剥夺对土地的所有权利。

If they moved away, they would forfeit all rights to their land. to lose something valuable by making a mistake or doing something wrong 因为进攻太晚,他们丧失了突袭的优势。
By attacking too late, they had forfeited the advantage of surprise.

Active reading 2: Resources



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