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Tibet is a mysterious, exciting places.

I am longing for the day, to be able to go there.

Mountain Biking (MTB)
Bicycle is one of the noblest(高贵的) inventions. Mountain biking is similar to life.

everything of the Tibet I think holy, pure and not defile.

The Potala Palace

More than 1000 rooms In the middle of Beijing Road, the heart of Lhasa City

Lake Nam Co (纳木错湖)

? Blue sky, white clouds, green water

纳木措Namtso Lake
Namtso, or Lake Nam, is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet Autonomous Region and should not be missed by any traveler to Tibet. In Tibetan, Namtso means "Heavenly Lake." It is famous for its high altitude and imposing scenery.

Jokhang Temple (大昭寺)

Ancient temple

Devout Buddhists shocked me, they told me that the pious mystery..

Their life is very simple, the thinking is very simple, they are genuine and sincere, and they had a firm belief!

barley wine(青稞酒)

butter tea(酥油茶)

Tibet noddles(藏面)


bean jelly(凉粉)


Barkhor Street(八角街)

The view in Bahor Street
? There is a beautiful legends about love.

The Tanggula(唐古拉) Mountain

珠穆朗玛峰Mount Everest
As the supreme point of the world, the mountain top is covered with snow all the year round, and when the glaring sun comes out, the peak becomes very pure and beautiful.

Mount Qomolangma

Qomolangma (Everest), the main peak of the Himalayas, is the highest peak in the earth.

Beautiful Shigatse(日喀则)

This is where I want to Tibet, the world's most beautiful places.
How beautiful it is!

? I think every time you travel to a place,it

will take you the different feelings,traveling not only can enjoy the beautiful view ,but only can broden you horizon ,the most important is that it can make you adjust your attitudes and find the meaning of life. especially after you traveled the tibet !!

? hope everyone can
get the real meaning of traveling.

only the nature can give you the unprecedented(前 所未有)shock.

Thank you !
Made by Angela

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