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购物英语PPT (1)

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Can I help you?

Yes. I want to by a computer. Can you give some opinion

ok,What style of computer do you want

We have desktop computers, laptops and tablets

I want to buy a laptop

we have many brands of computer

Can you recommend some to me?

Of course,

Apple laptops, produced by the United States, the quality is better, but more expensive

Dell laptop, by the United States, the quality is reliable, price is diversiform, easy to choose

Samsung notebook, produced by South Korea, the quality is good, price moderate

SONY laptop, Japanese brand, less radiation capability, it is a little high, the size is larger

HP laptop, suitable for simple operation, beautiful appearance, The price is higher

Asus notebook, price moderate, running speed, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation performance Lenovo notebook, cheap, easy to use, beautiful appearance

Shenzhou notebook, cheap, good heat dissipation performance

Thank you for your introduction, I have been think it over, I would buy the asus laptop

you are welcome, What color do you like?

I like black

What do you think of this one

It is very beautiful, how much money 6500 yuan

Oh, it's too expensive, recommend a cheaper sure

This one is cheaper, only 5000 yuan,and it is 10 percent off, You just need to pay 4500 yuan

I'll take this one,here is the money

Thank you

you are welcome

Welcome again

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