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Once there was a little prince

He lived alone on a planet named B-612

There were only 3 trees and a dead valcano on the planet except him

One day a rose comes out on his planet

It is the most beautifu l flower on it

And the little prince falls in love with her, and cares more about her

But she is a arrogant and childish flower, who doesn’t make him understand her love .and decide to travel to other planets

On the first planet there is a respectabl e king but he is the only person on it

There is a man of vanity who care nothing about other’s opinion but praise on the second planet

On the third planet he meet a toper, he asks him why drink , his answers is to forget the embarrassing thing ,”what’s that ?”,”drinkin g.”

He meet a lamplighter on the forth planet , he is the only that worth respecting for his deed

On the fifth planet there lives a geography who seems learned but don’t know his own planet ,and he suggests to the earth

At last ,he comes to the earth

And encounter s a fox

The fox asks the little prince to tame(驯 养) him

They go to a lot of place. In one of which they see amount of rose. He feels confused because his rose tells him she is the unique in the world

The clever fox tells him only if look with your heart can you know it clear. And love is responsibility to each other and it is departure that make him miss her more

He can’t get the rose out of his mind , so he decide to go back

So he asks the poisonous snake he met at the first time he arrived the earth to bite him

So that his weight can be lighter and go back to his planet

That’s all
Thank you

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