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Make Buns
Group 7

Bun is a food with a long history. There are various legends about its origins. One of the most wellknown is: Buns are dedicated to the God as a sacrifice instead of human’s skull.

K ind of buns
1.Steamed bun with meat stuffing

2.Steamed bun with shredded seafoods

K ind of buns
3.Steamed bun with vegetable stuffing

4.steamed bun with bean paste

K ind of buns
5.Steamed stuffed bun by small bamboo food steamer

But Do you know how to make buns?
If n o t ,d o n 't w o rry J u s t g o w ith m e

Step1:Choose materials
we have some common choice that most people would use meat

Step1:Choose materials
Vegetable Other

Step1:Choose materials
Flour Seasoning

Step3:Make the fillings
Cut up all the materials

Mix them with your seasoning ,better always stir them to one direction

Step4:Make the skin
Divide the dough into little blocks ,press each of them falt ,then use a rolling pin to roll them thin .

Step5:Make buns
Made buns asked not to take shape, can not afford to at the end .non-oil spills ,all of them was chrysanthemum shape .

Step6:Steamed stuffed buns

Step2:Make a dough
Mix fiour and water together ,knead into the dough until it becomes......

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