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2012级英语师范2班第四组Statistics Analysis of the Common Errors in Our Composition of Campus Life

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Statistic Analysis of the Common Errors in Our Composition of Campus Life
Presented by Group 4 英语语言文化学院 2012级英语2班 组长:颜弘杨 组员:林蜜蜜、徐珊珊、胡莺、厉佳

The English reading and writing course 1

systematic or random?
Systematic, would occur in similar context



Linguistic Performance (语言应用)

Linguistic Competence (语言能力)

1. Lexical errors in writing 2. Grammatical errors in writing 3. Textual errors in writing 4. Creativity in writing

The English reading and writing course


The percentage of the three types of errors in writing

Definition of Lexical Errors
Lexical errors mean that the semantic or conceptual errors in lexis. When the learners use forms in the target language, which can not express the meanings they want to convey, then lexical errors occur. Lexical errors also mean that learners use words in a mechanical way and they use articles, prepositions and marks in an improper way. This kind of errors relates to the errors in lexis.


Lexical errors in writing
1)spelling errors 2)collocation 3)improper diction

The English reading and writing course


There are 25 omission errors in the collected samples.It is found that this kind of errors is closely related to the pronunciation through the analysis. In order to have a better understanding,a table about it will be given:

Type Voiceless and double consonants Weak syllable Omission of ‘n’ following a vowel The others

Examples foreiner(foreigner) gradute(graduate) coutries(countries) ctrol(control)

This kind of errors is mainly caused by phonological( 音系学的) rules and some are caused by wrong pronunciation, or the learners do not memorize the words correctly and select a wrong letter substitute the target word. navagation speek equmpment navigation speak equipment

This kind of error may be led by misuse of word formation rules or students’ pronunciation. They are closely related to the inflectional forms of words, such as the comparative forms, superlative forms, plural forms and so on. a honor trainning informations show my respection an honor training information show my respect

This kind of errors may be related to the students’ carelessness and some are affected by mispronunciation. form cultrues mulitnational from cultures multinational

This kind of errors is related to the poor command and false hypothesis of English.
mother language technoledge like as mother tongue + language technology + knowledge like + such as

What are collocations ?
A sequence of words or terms which co-occur more often than would be expected by chance. (Wikipedia) Categorization of Errors in Collocation Noun-noun Collocation Errors

Noun-verb Collocation Errors
Verb-noun Collocation Errors Adjective-noun Collocation Errors Verb-adverb Collocation Errors

The English reading and writing c

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