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How to spread the values of American film

For a long time,the United States attaches great importance to spread its lifestyle, pop culture, values, and ways of thinking to people of other countries through the movie.The production of American film only accounts for 6%--7% of the world’s total production,but American film accounts for more than half of the world’s total movie showtime.Today,American film has become a key vehicle for the dissemination of American cultural concept and value concept.

Individualism is the core component of American values.It values individual achievement,worships individual struggle,and pays much attention to achieve the personal values to a great extent. American film is the main tool to instill individualism.We can see from the movie “Spider-Man”,”Superman” and “2012” that the United States plays a role of savior who has the super power to save the world over and over again.These movies make people feel that the reason why heroes come to Earth is "to American-style truth and justice”.Unwittingly,the audience approve that the United States have the natural ability to save and dominate the world.Among many American movies,”the Pursuit of Happyness” is a inspirational classic film which reflects individual liberalism and American dream.This film tells a story about an ordinary person grows up into a stock investor in the 1980s.The hero of this film is clinging to his dream and doesn’t give up any chance to achieve it.The film reflects that Americans believe and worship individual struggle,pursue liberty and equality.In addition,they rely on their own strength to realize self-worth. “The pursuit of Happyness” intends to tell people that whoever living in the United States is likely to achieve career success as long as he works hard enough.Therefore,the ideal society constructed in movies inspires people’s desire for success of “American-Dream” style.

American film requires extreme attention to footage and narrative screen.What’s more,Statue of Liberty,the Stars and Stripes and the Manhattan streets often appear in American movies.Whether lavishly produced and imaginatively shot,or romantic screen about daily life,both of them make the audience have yearning for America.The use of smooth montage,melodic sound effect and well-designed image plane composition serves the dissemination of the ideology behind a film.For example,in the film “2012”,what appears first is the muddy streets in developing countries,followed by footage of the charity party in capitalistic countries.On the one hand,the U.S. President shares life and death with many people.On the other hand,Noah’s Ark nearly can not run due to the fault of the Chinese people.All of these make a superiority of capitalism.

In order to attract more people and broaden overseas markets,America applies cultural elements of other countries to their movies.For instance,Hollywood has drawn Chinese cultural elements to make the movies such as “Kung Fu Pandas”, “Mulan” and so on. “Kung Fu Panda” positioned its theme in mainland China.And it chooses the well-known Chinese martial arts as a core pointcut,which can not only arouse Chinese people’s national identity,but also arouse foreign audience’s curiosity.In this movie,the original legend is just a background,but the essence of the movie is still the American spirit.That is to say,America absorbs and generalizes culture of other nations ostensibly.However, in fact,these cultures are just the carrier of American culture values.

American movie is good at combining the spiritual core with business organically.Values tend to be packaged under the surface structure with a strong visual effect.Film industry not only brings the United States huge economic interest and led to the development of American culture industry,but also sells the value concept of the United States at the same time and create a “community of American culture” which is conducive to sculpture a benign figure of the state.

As a mass culture,American film overemphasizes its characteristics of entertainment and commercial,which leads to a simple and pale content of a film and makes a film lack profound thoughts.Power politics has always run through the American film.It is easy to instill the minds of people with a mandatory ideology.American film is commercially successful as the model of mass culture.In the meanwhile,it provides the public with a lot of good entertainment texts.However,for such an influential cultural phenomenon,we must see clearly the essence of American film and carefully handle the unity problem brought by American film.

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