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Magic potion

My name is Doraemon. I’m a cat robot from the future. My friends DaXiong, YiJing and XiaoFu are going to the sea. I’m very angry. Because they are didn’t take me .

I take the Any Door from pocket, and take many foods to go to sea. I open the Any Door. It takes me to the sea. Wow, the sea is very clearly ! I sit by a rock, and eat my favorite Gong burned. There is sound behind the rock. I stand up and have a look. There are many people with crowns over their heads. They play near the sea. And a Beautiful Mermaid hides behind the rock. She is watching the people. I walk to Mermaid, and I remembered the story of "the daughter of the sea". Mermaid is shocked and jumps into the sea. I quickly follow her. The depths of the sea is so blue. I follow Mermaid to her bedroom. The bedroom is simple and beautiful, a bed, a chair, a table, and a pot of flower. And I can see a dresser near the bed. I tell her why I am here. She is not afraid. And we talked for a long time. Suddenly, I saw a pocket watch on her bed. She tells me She fell in love with a handsome man, is the master of this watch, but he is a noble prince.

I remember the story The Daughter of The Sea. I want to help

her, but cannot find a way. I remember I have a kind of medicine. It can change tail to leg . I take medicine out of pocket and tell her: “drink it! You can live with the prince.” “Really?!” She looks at me confused. “Yes, please believe me.” I say.

Mermaid takes the medicine. She opens bottle and drink the medicine. Her tail is changed to leg. I did for her a beautiful white dress. She swims up. Suddenly a bolt into a cloudy day, Then is the storm huge waves from far away to the prince is playing on a cruise ship into the sea with his servants. Mermaid hurriedly as soon as I saw the prince fell into the sea swam to the prince, she regardless of the broken pieces of the deck and is about to hit his own ship stem and try very hard to of the prince in shining on the sea thunder and lightning.

After several minutes, the prince wakes up. He looks at Mermaid. Mermaid feels shy. She put down her head to see her tail but only see two legs.

Prince takes Mermaid to his palace and marries her. They are live happily.



MingdeTianxin Middle school

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