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五岳之首, 海拔1524米, 有“天下第一山”之美誉, 中国最美的、令人震撼的十大名山之一。 位于山东泰安境内, 古代帝王多在此封禅、祭告天地。 多古迹和文人墨迹,为著名旅游胜地, 孔子留下了“登泰山而小天下”的赞叹, 杜甫则留下了“会当凌绝顶,一览众山小”的千古绝唱。

玉皇顶 玉皇顶

石刻stone inscription宗教religion

南天门 南天门 许愿树 许愿树 迎客松 迎客松 中天门 中天门 环山公路 环山公路

文物cultural relic
名人 celebrity





环 山 公 路

俯 瞰 环 山 公 路 , 可 见 泰 山 之 雄 伟 壮 观

Overlooking the ascending circling highway, the majestic Mount Tai visible


中 天 门

瀑 布

The waterfall

这棵古老的松树,伸开她的双臂, 迎接来自五湖四海的客人。
This tree ancient pine trees, stretches out her arms to welcome guests from all over the world.

迎 客 松



许 愿 树

人 生 如 登 山 !

泰 山 十 八 盘

南 天 门

Mythology of the worse, for we can also boarded

玉 皇 顶

云 海 日 出

Our conversation: 刘:泰山有悠久的的历史文化,坐落于泰安市北部, 泰山被联合国教科文组织定为“世界文化遗产”。 看!那就是泰山,我们离它已不远了。Mount tai has a long history and culture, is located in the northern TaiAnShi,mount tai "by UNESCO as" world cultural heritage ". Look! That is mount tai , we from it has not far away 卢:哇,泰山好雄伟啊,泰山海拔多高?Wow, how great! what is the height of Mount Tai? 刘:据报导1545米,我相信任何人在泰山面前都会有 一种渺小感。According to reports is 1545 meters, I believe anyone in Mount Tai will have a small before sense. 孙:导游,我们下一个景点是什么?Tour guide, we the next scenic view is what?

刘:哦,是中天门,那里有许多小商店,你可以买到精美的纪 念物Oh, is ZhongTian Men, there are many small shops, you can buy elegant monuments 马:那抵达下一站还需多长时间?It arrived in the next scenic spot still need how long? 刘:大约半小时。About half an hour. 孟:我现在就有点累了,一般人登上山顶需多长时间? I feel a little tried now, how long does it takes to reach the top for general tourists? 刘:大约四五个小时吧。About four to five hours. 卢:我想我以后再也不回来泰山了!I think I won't come back tai!

孟:哥们儿,你也说出了我的心声啊!Dude, you also spoken my heart
刘:泰山是如此的美丽,同志们有没有如此认为 啊?…Mount tai is so beautiful, Don’t

you think so? ... 马:快看哪!那边有一棵树上挂满了红带子! Look! There is a tree full of red tapes. 刘:那是许愿树,这棵树上系满了人们虔诚的愿望, 许一个愿吧,它会帮你实现。大家休息一下吧!That is wishing tree, the tree is full of people devout desire, make a wish, it will help you realize. Let's take a break!

马:哪个景点对你印象最深?Which attractions impress you most? 孙:都很喜欢,如果必须说一个的话,那就是泰山十八盘。 All like very much, if must say one, that is mount tai 18 disk. 卢:我可以问为什么吗?Can I ask why? 孙:没登泰山之前,一想到泰山,十八盘的画面就会映入脑 海。When I have not climbed mount tai, as the thought of mount tai,18 disk screen will into mind. 刘:先生们女士们,大家感觉好些了吗?让我们继 续上路吧!Gentlemen, ladies, and everyone feeling better? Let us to the road!

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