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Do you like reading ?

Snow White

clean and tidy /'taidi/ a.

Snow White’s life was poor.

queen /‘kwi:n/ 王后 Snow White’s stepmother /'step,m?e?/ 继母
She didn’t like the Snow White.

Instead , she hated the girl.
/in'sted/ ad. 相反,反而,却

huntsman n. /'h?ntsm?n/ 猎人

…ask…to kill… / kil / 杀死

magic a. /'m? d?ik / 有魔力的

master n.

mirror n. /'mir? / 镜子

Q: … H: … Q: … H: … …

master n.

Q: … M: … Q: … M: … …

The Snow White walked alone in the forest. /?'l?un/ ad.单独地 She cried on and on. / kept crying /kraid/ vi. 哭 cry- cried- cried She felt lonely. /'l?unli/ a. 孤独的

Who is the master of the house?
/'mɑ:st?/ 主人

seven dwarfs n. / dwarves / dw?:f /, 矮人

Everyday, they return home after work, one after another. = one by one 一个接一个地 Sneezy(喷嚏精) Bashful(害羞鬼) Sleepy(瞌睡虫) Grumpy(爱生气) Dopey(糊涂蛋) Happy(开心果) Doc(万事通)

From then on, she stayed with them. 从那时起,

prince /prins/ n. 王子

She died.
/dai/ v. 死

to wake her up /weik/ v. 醒来;叫醒

At last, they lived a happy life.

Let’s have a try !

queen王后- king 国王

wake 叫醒- woke

prince王子- princess 公主 die 死- died
比较级 最高级

/ waked

master 主人- mast 动词 kill杀死- killed tidy整洁的 -tidier -tidiest

huntsman 猎人- huntsmen
名词 形容词 现在分词

die 死- death dead dying

one after another die instead from then on

at last on and on cry clean and tidy

1. The People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949. From then on , the Chinese began a new life. 2. Class was over. The students went out of the classroom one after another __________________.

3. Look, our flat is clean and tidy now after a good cleaning.
4. We don’t eat dumplings during Mid-autumn Festival. Instead ________, we eat moon cakes.

At last she 5. The Queen tried hard to find Snow White. _________, found her.
6. The death of Snow White made them cry on and on .

Introducing them !
A: Who’(s) …? B: … A: What do you think of…?

lovely short and friendly

B: … A: … look(s)…, do(es)n’t …? B: … bad kinda poor girl horrible 可怕的 beautiful tall and



1. Read and copy these words and expressions 2. Recite these words and expressions.
3. Preview the text.

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