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ABC Paradise

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ABC Paradise AaBbCc Ant ant oh so small Ant ant crawl crawl crawl

Bird bird fly fly fly Bird bird fly so high Cat cat wash your face Look! A mouse! Chase chase chase


DdEeFf Dog dog scratch scratch scratch I throw the ball and you go catch Elephant elephant blow your nose Touch your ears and touch your toes Frog frog jump jump slow Look! A snake! Jump jump go!



3 Goat goat eat and run Leap the fence and have some fun Horse horse kick around In the air and on the ground

Insect insect crawl on the floor Catch one! Catch two! Catch three more!

JjKkLl Jellyfish jellyfish dance in the sea Ouch! A jellyfish sits on my knee Kangaroo kangaroo hop hop hop Don’t let the baby drop drop drop

Lion lion eat eat eat After dinner sleep sleep sleep


MmNn Monkey monkey in a tree Swing around and look at me Nest nest in the tree Look inside it’s a bird you’ll see



6 Otter otter in the lake Otter otter swim and shake Panda panda black and white Sleepy panda say good night Question question answer me How many questions? One two three

RrSsTt Rice rice I like rice Rice rice tastes so nice Snake snake run away Never ever safe to play Tiger tiger orange and black Tiger tiger coming back



8 Umbrella umbrella rainy sky Open an umbrella Keeps me dry

Vegetable vegetable we must eat Healthy healthy head to feet Worm worm crawl all day Here comes birdy Crawl away

XxYyZz Fox fox run run run Here comes a farmer with a gun Yam yam hot hot hot We like yams a lot lot lot Zipper zipper up and down Keep your pants from falling down


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