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( )1、 A.loudly B.badly C.lady

( )2、 A.quickly B.quietly C.politely

( )3、 A.sit B.city C.sat

( )4、 A.come B.can C.came

( )5、 A.drink B.drove C.drive


1.( ) A. That’s impossible! B. That’s pretty!

2.( ) A. I felt a bit sick. B. I felt a bit silly.

3.( ) A. I saw it last week. B. I saw it last month.

4.( ) A. I’ll go home in the morning. B. I’ll go to school in the afternoon.

5.( ) A. I’ll cook beautiful lunch. B. I’ll cook beautiful breakfast.


( ) 1. Linda was 20 ____ .

A. last year B. next year C. this year D. now

( ) 2. What is Paul going to buy?

A.a car B. a phone C.a camera D.a computer ( ) 3. Whose is this dress now?

A. Robert’s B. Linda’s C. Poly’s D. Mary’s

( ) 4. What is Kalen doing?

A. talking with her friends B.dancing

C.going shopping D.having a meal

( ) 5. When will they meet?

A. tomorrow B. on Saturday C. on Sunday D. next week 1

( ) 6. What time did Karen arrive home?

A. At 10:00. B. At 10:30. C. At 9:30.

( ) 7. What does Peter’s father do? He is________.

A. an engineer. B. a teacher. C. a doctor.

( ) 8. Will David go to the park in the afternoon?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, he won’t. C. Yes,he will.

( ) 9. What did Robert buy yesterday?

A. a book B. an egg C. a lunchbox

( ) 10. What will Helen do tomorrow?

A. do the homework. B. watch TV. C. play football.



1.do ________ 2.go ________ 3.read ________

4.eat ________ 5.come ________ 6.arrive ________

7.play ________ 8.make ________

9.are ________ 10.is________


all the time of course bird feeder How far

successful model weather forecast pick you up Silliness beautiful meals kitchen window

1. Your mother will take you there, and I’ll ______________.

2. I’m silly ______________.

3. Did you see my new ______________, Annie?

4. ______________ is it to your house from here?

5. William, “______________” is my middle name.

6. Now it’s five to nine, and time for the ______________.

7. Ken’s neighbours are all enthusiastic birdwatchers now, ______________!

8. I’ll cook ______________, and eat them with my friends.

9. I put lots of nuts in it, and hung it outside the ______________.

10. You’re a very ______________.



1. The boys_______ (drink, drank) some apple juice last Saturday.

2. Jack came home late last night and _______ (had, have) a shower.

3. Ken will_______ (sit, sat) in the garden tomorrow with Claire.

4. Karen drove to the Barnet and _______ (eat, ate) with William in a restaurant.

5. Polly will ______ (meet, met) a friend in town next month.

6. Lucy will bring a CD home and _______ (give, gave) it to Robert next Sunday.

7. I ______ (wash, washed) my old bicycle yesterday afternoon.

8. Annie went to the library last Monday and _______ (read, reading) a book.

9. Paul will _______ (run,ran) fast and win the race next Saturday.

10. Daisy ______ (go, went) home early and took Nina to the studio last Thursday.


Today, I’m going to show(展示) Mr. Li around Shanghai. This is one of the biggest and busiest cities in China. I live and work here. I know Shanghai very well, but Mr. Li doesn’t know it well. He is from Beijing. He knows the north of China well but he doesn’t know much about the south. My parents lives(居住) in Beijing too, and they know Mr. Li very well.

I’ve got a plan for today. This morning we are going to visit Nanpu Bridge(大桥) by taxi. It is cheaper to take a bus, but a taxi goes much faster. Before lunch we are also going to Yu Garden, and we are going to have lunch there. This afternoon we are going to Pudon. We are going to have dinner in my house. After dinner we are going to see a concert at Shanghai Concert Hall.

What a happy day!

﹝ ﹞1.Where do my parents live?

A. Shanghai B. Beijing C. South of China. D.East of China ﹝ ﹞2.How are they going to visit Nanpu bridge?

A. By bus B. By car C. By taxi D. On foot 3

﹝ ﹞3.Where do they go before lunch?

A. Nanpu Bridge B. Yangpu Bridge C. Yu Garden D. A, B and C.

﹝ ﹞4.What are they doing in the Shanghai Concert Hall?

A. See a concert B. Watch a sport game C. See a film D. Have a rest

﹝ ﹞5.How about the day?

A. Busy B. Happy C. Unhappy D. Hot

Today is Sunday. Danny and his classmates visit Uncle Li’s farm. The farm is small, but it’s nice. They walk on the grass. They throw stones and they climb the

trees. Uncle Li is angry. “Don’t walk on the grass!” “Don’t climb the trees!” “You can’t throw the stones.”

“We are sorry,” the children say. “What can we do for you, Uncle Li?”

“You can feed the hens for me.” Uncle Li answers.

“OK!” The children feed the hens and count the hens. There are eighteen hens. Twelve are big and six are small. Uncle Li is happy. And the children are happy, too.

( ) 1. Danny and his classmates visit ____________ farm.

A.Uncle Li’s B.Aunt Li’s C.Uncle Liu’s

( ) 2. The farmer(农场主)is __________ at first(一开始).

A.happy B.angry C.tired

( ) 3. He says, “________________”

A.Don’t pick the flowers. B.Don’t feed the hens.

C.Don’t climb the trees.

( ) 4. Danny can feed the __________ for the farmer.

A. ducks B. chicks C. hens

( ) 5. The farmer has _____ hens.


A. 6 B. 12 C. 18


( ) 1. A: When ____ you arrive home yesterday?

B: At about nine o’clock.

A. did B. are C. do

( ) 2. Karen _____ some shopping yesterday.

A. will do B. did C. does

( )3. What ______ you going to do tomorrow?

A. did B. do C. Are

( )4. There ______ a dance at school next Friday.

A.is B.will be C.was ( )5. There ______ a dance at school last Friday.

A.is B.will be C.was

( )6. A: Is your father going to play basketball with you ?

B: No, he ______.

A isn’t B doesn’t C didn’t

( )7. A: What _____ last night? B: I missed the bus.

A. happened B. happens C. happening

( )8. A: _____ he do homework last night? B: No, he didn’t.

A. Do B. Does C. Did

( )9. Lucy and I _____ to the park tomorrow.

A. go B. went C. will go

( )10. A: There _____ seven desks in the classroom.

A. am B. si C. are

六、将左右相对应的问答用线连起来。 5

1.What are you doing now? A. I often go swimming at the weekends.

2.Where did he go yesterday? B. He often does homework on Saturdays. 5

3. What does he often do on Saturdays? C. Yes, I will. Mum will like it.

4. When do you often go swimming? D. He went to the park.

5. Will you cook dinner tonight? E. I am watching TV.


七、看例句,选词并根据时态造句。 例:

例: 5. They _______________________________.



根据提示写出小作文,注意动词的时态变化,文章开头已给出。 Hello, my name is Robert. I’m twelve years old. I’m from China. 7

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