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The Farmer and His Sons 英文 农夫和儿子

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The Farmer and His Sons

A farmer being on the point of death, and wishing to show his sons the way to success in farming, called them to him, and said, “My children, I am now departing from this life, but all that I have to leave you, you will find in the vineyard.”

The sons, supposing that he referred to some hidden treasure, as soon as the old man was dead, set to work with their spades and ploughs and every implement that was at hand, and turned up the soil over and over again. They found indeed not treasure; but the vines, strengthened and improved by this thorough tillage, yielded a finer vintage than they had ever yielded before, and more than repaid the young husbandmen for all their trouble. So truly is industry in itself a treasure.

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