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abstract absurd ridiculous stupid

a. thought of as a quality rather than as an object or fact; not real or solid accordingly ad. in a manner that is appropriate to the particular circumstances; therefore agency airline n. n. a business or organization providing a usu. specified service company or service providing regular flights for public use all the while all the time

alphabet ambition n. strong desire (to be or do sth.); object of such a desire n. the letters used in writing a language, arranged in order analysis n. Work done to find facts and solutions to problems analyst anonymous a.of unknown or undeclared source or authorship

n.one that analyses

apology n. statement expressing sorrow for a fault, for causing trouble, pain, etc. arch arrogant unpleasantly self-important provide with an arch,have the curved shape of arch as a last resort If all last resort

assert automatic defend or maintain(one`s right,etc) a.self-operating, working by itself

awkward a. lacking ease or grace (as of movement or expression) bacteria (singular bacterium) basically for the most part; at a basic level

bay vi. (esp. of hounds, etc.) bark with a deep note beast beloved a. dearly loved an animal,a four-footed one

better than none/nothing having less than one expects is better than having nothing boost bow n. vt. increase the strength or value of (sth.) front or forward end of a boat or ship bow vi. bend the head or body as a sign of respect bow to brace▲ submit to (sth.); accept or obey (sth.) n. sth. used for supporting, stiffening, or fastening

vt. prop up; make stronger cellar an underground room used for storing goods

certainty chase vt. run after (sb. / sth.) in order to catch them ▲ n. sth. that cannot be doubted; the fact, quality, or state of being certain

chronic a. (esp. of a disease) lasting for a long time; continually recurring

circulate classical a. vi. widely accepted and used for a long time spread widely among persons or places; move in or flow through a circle or circuit

collaboration n .the act of working jointly with other people commend compensation speak favorably of ▲ n. compensating; thing given to compensate ;recommend

comply ▲ vi. do as one is requested, commanded, etc.; obey compute concede Acknowledge reluctantly as being true ,just ,or proper v.determine or calculate by means of a computer

conference n. a meeting held so that opinions and ideas can be exchanged conspicuous constraint n. easily seen,noticeable constraining or being constrained

consumer n. a person who buys goods or uses services

contaminate context n. circumstances in which sth. happens or in which sth. is to be considered vt. pollute (sth.) by dirt, chemicals, or radiation so that it becomes impure or harmful contrived▲ a. seeming false and not natural

convenience cordial warmly friendly n. quality of being convenient or suitable credible believable

curbdairy ▲ n. place where milk is kept and milk products are made vt. prevent (sth.) from getting out of control; restrain dam vt. build a dam across (a river, etc.) deliberate dense a. a. closely packed or crowded together intentional

descendant▲ n. sth. that has developed from sth. else; a person or thing descended from another die down dimension become gradually less strong, loud, noticeable, etc. n. aspect, element; a measure of spatial extent

dip v. put or lower (sth.) into a liquid; go below a surface or level distort document ▲ n. paper that gives information, proof, or support of sth. vt. twist; misrepresent

dodge avoid by a trick or in some dishonest way drawback dry up n. disadvantage or problem disappear as if by draining or cutting off

a source of supply earnest serious,not joking or palyfull

edible editorial a. fit or suitable to be eaten n. an article in a publication expressing the opinion of

elaborate a.carefully worked out and rich in detail , very detailed and complicated elbow electrical n. a. joint where the arm bends of, relating to, or operated by electricity

eloquent expressing or showing very strongly though without words emphasize energetic full of energy,very active vt. indicate that sth. is particularly important, stress

enroll put onto the official list;(cause to)enter or join enthusiastic episode n. one event in a series of events having or showing enthusiasm

exceedingly ad. to an advanced or unusual degree; extremely

exclude explicit clearly stated,defined vt. ignore as a consideration; leave (sth.) out; not to include (sth.)

exquisite▲ a. extremely beautiful or delicate; finely or skillfully made

fakefaulty ▲ a. vt. make an object look real or valuable in order to deceive people having a fault or faults; imperfect

a. not genuine fellowship ▲ n. an amount of money given to postgraduates to enable them to flank flatter vt. place at the side of or on either side of compliment sb. In order to win favor fragrance▲ n. pleasant or sweet smell

fraudfringe ▲ n. (act of) deceiving sb. illegally in order to make money or obtain good decorate with a fringe;be a fringe for;edge garment ▲ n. article of clothing

generalize genetic code make general statement without reference to details n. the arrangement of genes that controls the way a living thing develops

graceful a. having or showing grace or elegance graze haunt v. use (land) to feed cattle, etc. pervade;visit frequently

hazard n. (thing that can cause) danger; risk

heighten highlight v. (cause sth. to) become higher or more intense v.emphasize ,make important

hoist vt. lift (sth.) to a higher position, usually using ropes hostile ideal a. satisfying one's idea of what is perfect; most suitable a. showing strong dislike or enmity; very unfriendly ignore vt. take no notice of (sb. / sth.)

illegal illustration Prohibited by law or by offcial rules n. pictures, diagrams, etc that are used to explain or reveal;

incentive▲ n. thing that encourages sb. to do sth.; stimulus increasingly indulge allow to have too much of sth.enjoyable a.more and more

infect vt. (of harmful bacteria, etc.) enter the body of (a person or an animal) and cause disease infectious initiate vt. give (sb.) elementary instruction; set (sth.) working tending to spread or affect others

inspect vt. examine (sth.) closely inspect intensify vt. examine (sth.) closely ▲ v. make or become intense or more intense

intermediate a.being between two extremes or in a middle position or state intersectionintimate ▲emotionally close

n. crossroads intrigue arouse interest or curiosity of

invitation inward a. deep in mind or soul; situated within, inner a card or spoken request asking sb. to come to an event. irritate make angry or annoyed

latter legend the second of teo people or things just mentioned n. old story handed down from the past, esp. one of doubtful truth; famous person

liability▲ n. state of being liable; handicap, disadvantage

logical loyal a. a. true or faithful to one's friends, group, country, etc. of, relating to, in accordance with, or of the nature of logic lump vt. put two or more different people or things together lyric mainland n. large mass of land forming a country, continent, etc. without its islands n.the words of a song

manipulate Manage (a person ,stuation ,ect )to one’s own advantage mar melody vt. ▲ damage; spoil n.

membership n. state of being a member of a group, society; all the members of a club, etc.

menacemerchandise ▲ v. n. threaten; endanger goods bought and sold; goods for sale n. threat; annoying person or thing

monthly n.a magazine published once a month moral multiple a. concerning principles of right and wrong; good and virtuous a.many in number

mutter speak unclearly and quietly negative nonetheless a. lacking in constructive or helpful qualities or characteristics; saying or meaning Never the lesshowever “no” notify vt. inform sb. (of sth.); report notorious nuisance ▲n. a. thing, person or behavior that is troublesome or annoying generally known and talked of, esp. widely and unfavorably known

odor a smell,an unpleasant one orderly origin n. the point at which sth. comes into existence or from which it derives or is derived well-arranged,of a tidy nature and habits

output n.information or data produced by a computer,an amount produced or manufactured overlook package vt. vt. make (sth.) into or put (sth.) in a bag, box, etc. fail to see or notice; take no notice of; ignore pang n. sudden sharp feeling of pain; felling of painful emotion partial pasture▲ n. (a piece of) grassy land where cattle feed a. Not complete or whole penalty n. punishment for breaking a law, rule or contract peninsulaperfection▲▲ n. n. area of land almost surrounded by water or projecting far into the sea the state of being perfect

perfume odor, a fragrant one,scent periodicalperplex ▲ make feel confuse and worried n. a magazine that is published at regular intervals

plug v.connect (one piece of electrical equipment)to another,connect sth to the electricity supply pore presence n. a very small opening;in the skin sth. (as a spirit) felt or believed to be present; the fact or condition of being present probability▲ n. the likelihood of sth. happening or being true proclam prodigy n. announce publicly or officially a person with exceptional talents or powers, esp. a precocious child

prone ▲ a. liable (to sth.) or likely (to do sth.); inclined (to do sth.) protective prune▲ vt. sheltering, concerned for the safety of sb. trim the shape of (a tree, etc.) by cutting away some of the branches to encourage new growth

query n.a question ,an inquiry reassure recommendation relieve of his anxieties,restore confidence n. action of recommending; advice

refer to mention or speak of (sb. / sth.) refundrehearsal ▲ n. reciting,recounting,a practice performance of a paly, repayment vt. pay back (money received) replacement n. person or thing that takes the place of another; replacing or being replaced resemblance reside vi. be present; live similarly,likeness

resort A person or thing that one goes or turns to for help ,support ,etc respective respectively a. of or for or belonging to each of those in question ad. separately or in turn, and in the order mentioned retrieve vt. get (sth.) back reviverevolutionary ▲ vt. a. bring back into use or existence; make conscious or healthy again completely new and different

rhythm . in rhythm ring up rivalry ▲ record (an amount of money, etc.) on a cash register n. the state or an instance of being rivals

romantic impractical in conception or plan saint salary n. n. payment for regular employment a holy person; an extremely kind and unselfish person

scramble v.mix or throw together haphazardly secondary seminar n. a. coming after, less important than, what is first or chief; a meeting for giving and discussing information

sensation ▲ n. feeling (as of heat or pain) coming from the senses short of sign up sign onenot having much or enough of (sth.); lacking (sth.) ’s name in order to obtain, do, or join sth.

significance n. the importance of an event, action etc, especially because so-called specimen a. called or named thus but perhaps wrongly or doubtfully a single typical thing or example

spur v. Urge or incite to act sterling sticky a. P ainful or difficult (of a person or his qualities, etc.) admirable or excellent in quality ,adhesive straightforward simple, expressed or understood in a direct way stubborn subsequent a. determined not to change one's attitude or position coming after,following sue▲ v. make a legal claim (against sb.); beg superb supervise a. ▲ first-class; of excellent quality vt. watch over (work or other activity of a person) surface vi. appear; rise to the surface swing symmetry v. (swung) (cause to) move to and fro or round and round, from a fixed point; (cause to) move in a curve exact likeness between the opposite sides of sth synthesis▲ n. formation of a compound from simpler compounds or elements thorough tick vi. make light, regularly repeated sounds done or proceeding through to the end,omitting nothing toss▲ v. (cause to) move restlessly from side to side or up and down; throw (sth.) lightly or carelessly trace transaction n. very small amount; mark, sign, etc. showing what has existed or happened ▲ n. piece of business transacted; transacting transmit v pass along(news or information),send an electronic signal,radio or television broadcast tray uncover a flat receptacle,ofen with slightly raised edge,used for holding vt. discover (sth.) previously secret or unknown unfortunately ad. regrettably; unluckily utter vacant a. complete a. not mentally active, showing no interest; not filled or occupied variation n. a change in form, position, or condition vary what about v. be, make or become different what is the news or position or your opinion of whereas conj. But ,compared with the fact that worm worthy a. a small creature with no bones or limbs deserving; useful or valuable wretched causeing distress or misery,unhappy,miserable

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