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NEW BRAVO波噜噜国际少儿英语一级期中测试题

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New Bravo第一册 Unit1—Unit10测试题

Name:_______ Score:______

Part one: Listening. (20)

I. Listen and choose the best answers. (14)

1. ( ) A. My name is Rose. B. R-O-S-E

2. ( ) A. I am nine. B. I am fine, thank you. 3. ( )

A. This is a slide. B. That is a swing.

4. ( ) A. How are you? B. How do you do.

5. ( ) A. I am seven. B. Happy birthday. 6. ( ) A. I want a yo-yo. B. I am a boy.

7. ( ) A. Thank you! B. Nice to meet you

II. Listen and number (6)

Part two. Reading and writing.

I,Look at the pictures and choose the correct words.(14)

A, cat B, frog C, snake D, dog E, rabbit F, monkey G, mouse H, pen I, bag J, swing K, book L, slide M, seesaw

N, desk

II、Complete the words.(11)

1,名字 2, m__ 我的 3,st__d__nt 学生4,__r__s__r 橡皮 5,p_nc_l 铅笔 6,f__ur 四7,b_ _thd__y 生日 8, c_ _t 上衣,外套9,sh__ 鞋 10,s_ck 袜子 11,ch_r椅子 III、Choose the best word.(10)

1,( )to meet you. 2, ( ) up. 3, ( ) down. 4, ( ) hands. 5, ( ) morning.

A, Shake B, Nice C, Good D, Stand E, Sit

IV. Read and match.(10)

____ are you ? A, dog

I’m____ . B, ruler

________ you. C, Thank

I like ______. D, How

I have a ______. E, fine

V、 Write the numbers.(From 1 to 10)

VI、 Write the alphabet. (25)(From A to z)

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