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How a Colt Crossed the River

One day, a colt took a bag of wheat to the mill. As he was running with the bag on his back, he came to a small river. The colt could not decide whether he could cross it. Looking around, he saw a cow grazing nearby. He asked, “Aunt Cow, could you tell me if I can cross the river?” The cow told him that he could and that the river was not very deep, just knee high.

The colt was crossing the river when a squirrel jumped down fron a tree and stopped him. The squirrel shouted, “Colt, stop! You’ll drown! One of my friends drowned just yesterday in the river.” Not knowing what to do, the colt went home to consult his mum.

He told his mum his experience on the way. His mother said, “My child, don’t always listen to others. You’d better go and try yourself. Then you’ll know what to do.” Later, at the river,the squirrel stopped the colt again. “Little horse, it’s too dangerous!” “No, I want to try myself,” answered the colt. Then he crossed the river carefully.

You see, real knowledge comes from practice.







The Fox and the Tiger(狐狸和老虎)

An Archer, hunting in the woods, was so successful with his arrows that he killed many of the wild animals. This frightened the rest so much that they ran into the densest part of the bushes to hide. At last the Tiger stood up, and pretending to be very brave, told the other animals not to be afraid anymore, but to rely on his courage, and he would attack the enemy on his own. While he was talking, and lashing his tail and tearing at the ground with his claws to impress the others, an arrow came and pierced his ribs. The Tiger howled with pain.

While he was trying to draw out the arrow with his teeth the Fox went up to him and asked, in surprise, whoever had the strength and courage to wound such a brave and mighty beast as the Tiger?

"Nay," said the Tiger, "I misjudged my enemy. It was that unbeatable man over there!"

MORAL: Knowledge is power.







One day,a little monkey is playing by the well. He looks in the well and shouts : “Oh!My god!The moon has fallen into the well!” An older monkeys runs over, takes a look,and says, “Goodness me!The moon is really in the water!” And olderly monkey comes over. He is very surprised as well and cries out: “The moon is in the well.” A group of monkeys run over to the well . They look at the moon in the well and shout: “The moon did fall into the well!Come on!Let’get it out!” Then,the oldest monkey hangs on the tree up side down ,with his feet on the branch . And he pulls the next monkey’s feet with his hands. All the other monkeys follow his suit, And they join each other one by one down to the moon in the well. Just before they reach the moon,the oldest monkey raises his head and happens to see the moon in the sky, He yells excitedly “Don’t be so foolish!The moon is still in the sky!”



Rabbit Finds a Home

Rabbit has grown up.

"There are too many rabbits in this hole! It is time to leave the nest. I am going to find my own home," the oldest rabbit says.

Rabbit decides to look in a different hole.

"You cannot live here. This is my home!" shouts Mouse.

So, Rabbit hops into the forest. He looks into another hole.

"You cannot live here. This is my home!" shouts Squirrel.

Rabbit looks for a new hole, one he can call his own.

"You cannot live here. This is my home!" shouts Ground Hog.

Rabbit is sad. He cannot find a home. Rabbit does not see Eagle flying high in the sky.

At that time, the beautiful White Rabbit saw Eagle. "Quickly, come inside!" she shouts.

"Thank you so much. You have saved my life!" Rabbit says. "You're welcome," White Rabbit answers.

"What a roomy hole you have! I wish I had a hole like this!" he says. Rabbit was surprised by how big the hole was.

"I am alone in this big hole. Why don't you stay here with me?" White Rabbit asks. "Thank you. I will stay here. Now, I have found a home!" says Rabbit. 幼儿英语故事精选4篇 The wolf and the hares

The wind is blowing . It is snowing . The wolf is coming and say : “ I’m a wolf , I’m hungry .” The wolf is going the hares. “ open the door .” The hare say: “ who is it ?” the wolf say : “it’s me , Grandma .” “Grandma ? No, it’s not Grandma .” The wolf comes to the hares’ again , with a basket of bread. . “ open the door . I bring you bread” The hares say to their sister : “Ah! It’s the wolf . we can’t open the door .” The wolf is very angry . He is hitting at the door . “Open the door ! I want to come in !” The hares say : “ you are the wolf . we can’t let you in !” the hares are very clever .


天正刮着风下着雪。狼出来了,他很饿。他来到了野兔家“开门”。野兔问:“是谁呀?”“是我,我是你的外婆。”“外婆?不,不是。”狼又拿来了甜品来了,“快开门,我带来了面包。” 野兔对他的姐妹们说:“他是狼,我们不开门。”狼很生气,他踢着门说:“快开门!我要进去!”野兔说:“你是狼,我们不让你进来。”野兔真聪明。

幼儿英语故事精选4篇 A poor pig

Danny is a little pig . He is unhappy because he wants to leave home to see the world .

It’s a sunny day . Danny goes away when his parents are sleeping . on his way he meets an elephant , a peacock and a rabbit . At last , he gets to a lake . He looks at his reflection in the water and says, “I wish I have an elephant’s nose , a peacock’s tail and a rabbit’s ears .” after a while , Danny’s wish comes true . He runs back excitedly .

But his parents can’t recognize Danny , “Go away , you’re not our son .” Danny goes to the lake again . “ I just want to be a pig .” He says sadly .Danny waits and waits . He becomes a pig again .

Danny runs back quickly . His parents hug and say , “ This is our lovely baby .”



幼儿英语故事精选4篇 Look at the sky

One day , Charley boght a hot dog in a snack bar after school .

Suddenly , he stopped and raised his head high . He kept looking at the sky . It lasted two minutes .

A woman passed by . she saw Charley looking at the sky . and she stooped and also looked at the sky .

The sky was blue . There were some white clouds . Charley still looked at the sky and didn’t move a bit . The woman also went on looking at the sky .

Mary passers-by stopped . They looked at the sky , too .

After a while , charley lowered his head . He laughed and asked . “what are you looking for in the sky ?”

The woman said : “ why are you looking at the sky ?”

“I didn’t look at the sky .” Charley pointed to his nose .” My nose was bleeding .”



幼儿英语故事精选4篇 Who’s Broken A window ?

Billy and Bobby were small boys . They were brothers . and they often fight with each other . last Saturday their mother said to them , “I’m going to cook lunch now . Go out and play in the garden …and be good .”

“Yes , Mummy ,” the two boys answered and they went out . They played for half an hour , and then Billy ran into the kitchen . “Mummy ,”he said , “Bobby’s broken a window in Mrs Allen’s house ,” Mrs Allen was one of their neighbors .

“He’s a bad boy ,” his mother said , “How did he break it ?”

“I threw a stone at him ,” Billy answered .” “ and he quickly mowed down .”



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