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1. Useful Expressions

把…搞错 整了整军装 人群 发现自己被吸引 多思善虑的心灵 富于洞察力的头脑 前一位拥有人的姓名 确定地址 邀她互通信件 被运往海外 仅因为那而碰运气 安排了他们的第一次见面 始终支持他 犹如春天般生气盎然 差不多就站在…正后面 体态臃肿 那本蓝色羊皮面旧书 挺胸站立,敬了个礼 失望的痛苦使我哽咽 请…出去吃饭

为了自己的利益 动物智慧 达成交易 白眼 精明的还价者 理解,悟出 道德习惯 为了某人的利益 做出判断 起先 紧急救护 出故障,有毛病 呕吐 估量,判断 保持平衡 滑入 离开 凝视 让步,屈服 get … wrong straighten one’s army uniform the crowd of people find oneself absorbed a thoughtful soul insightful mind the previous owner’s name locate one’s address invite her to correspond be shipped overseas take a chance on just that schedule their first meeting sustain him unfailingly be like springtime come alive stand almost directly behind … more than a little overweight the worn blue leather copy of the book square one’s shoulders and salute feel choked by the bitterness of my disappointment ask … out to dinner serve one’s own purpose animal intelligence make a deal a blank stare a careful bargainer figure out virtuous habits in one’s interest make judgments at first emergency care go wrong throw up size up keep steady slide into move off hold one’s gaze steadily give in




















跳入眼帘 run out of a handful of be upset by … a private college a tiny slice of the problem a chilling indifference about … compete with … at some point soon way of life manual work drive … home a humble suggestion as the story opens go shopping for … put sb. to sleep steady wages his hope lies in … be far better off than … rise from the ashes catch one’s eye

2. Two Famous Fables

The Fox and the Grapes

One day a fox passed under a vine.

From the vine a lot of grapes were hanging.

He was very hungry and thirsty. He said, “What a fine vine it is! The grapes on the vine look very nice and sweet.”

The color of the grapes was green. The grapes were very big. And the grapes were so big and beautiful that the fox wanted to eat them.

The fox said, “I am thirsty and hungry. I want to eat the grapes now.”

The fox jumped. The grapes were too high. He tried everything to get the grapes. But it was in vain.

At last the fox said, “The grapes are too sour to eat. I don’t want to get the poor grapes.”

Making His Mark

A man from the state of Chu was crossing a river. In the boat, his sword fell into the water. Immediately he made a mark on the boat.

“This is where my sword fell off,” he said.

When the boat stopped moving, he went into the water to look for his sword at the place where he had marked the boat.

The boat had moved but the sword had not. Is this not a very foolish way to look for a sword?

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