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The Kite Runner

I read this book in the winter holiday,and now I am going to read it again ,for the good book deserve several reading.Well,The Kite Runner move me so much,and it make me think a lot.In this esssay,I just talk about two of them.

“For you,a thousand times over.”There is no double that friendship will be the first and the most important point.

We are easily moved by Hassan’s loyalty to Amir,that’s because we are difficult to meet someone who is willing to devote to us for a thousand times over without any complain. The friendship in our real world is companyde with benefit ,which is very differenr from the friendship described in the novel.

Althought I don’t think highly of the such unilaterally devotion ,I still appreciate Hassan’s devotion and magnanimity to his good friend.The real friendship is what Hassan give to Amir:when you are happy,I may be here to share your happiness; when you need me,I must be in your side to help you; and when you hurt me ,I am easily to forgive you; and even though you leave me, I still keep you in my mind.

It make me sad to see Amir’s unbravery and irresponsibility when his friend need him.Actually I tend to believe that Amir didn’t regard Hassan as his friend but just a pleasant and loyal servant when I read the first half of the novel.But Amir can’t forget his hurt to Hassan,and try his hard to make up in the latter part of the book, which change his afterlife,and the fate of Hassan’s poor son.So I begin to understand Amir’s friendship to Hassan.If he think Hassan is unimportant,he will not take the embarrassed memory to heart,and will not come back to

Afghanistan to face his ignoble reminiscence.He failed to stand out to help Hassan out of terrible trouble,only because his week and fear in front of evil force when he is too young.But when he grows up,he becomes a man who has the courage to protect the person he care for.There is a old saying in China,“It's better for you to realize your mistake and try your best to correct it.” Amir can do as so,he deserve Hassan’s kindness and reader’s forgiveness.

The other point is about patriotism. Amir returns home when the war is finished ,he is jeered by some people who don’t leave Afghanistan,they think Amir and his father abandon their homeland when it is faced with trouble,which is unpatriotic.Although I can’t understand the father’s choice,I don’t stand at his side. Be wordly-wise and play safe is no ground for blame,because they are too dangerous to stay at home.But if all the people leave their homeland in war for their own peaceful life,will their home has future and hope? To be patriotic is not equal to devote one’s life for homeland according to implus and stupid ways,but when the home need you,you should take on your duty,but not just leave her.

Well.above is what I think during the first reading of the book.

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