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1.The Introduction of Easter

2.Easter egg , hare and flower

3.The Customs of Easter

Easter is the oldest one of the most significant Christian festivals. It celebrates the resurrection of Christ and Christians around the world every year celebrate it. Easter is a symbol of rebirth and hope.
复活节是最古老最有意义的基督教节日之一。 它庆祝的是基督的复活,世界各地的基督徒每年都 要举行庆祝。复活节象征重生和希望。

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after a full moon on or after 21 March.
复活节是西方传统的节日,公元325年尼西亚宗教会议规定, 每年过春分月圆后的第一个星期天为复活节。其日期是不固 定的,通常是要查看日历才能知道。 2014年的复活节是4月20日这一天。

color eggs


Easter Parade


jelly bean

basket Easter Parade color eggs


复活节游行 涂彩蛋 彩豆糖

jelly bean

Easter egg
At Easter Eve, children dress up some eggs to be colored. Some of these eggs cook very old, some only empty shells. At Easter morning, children will happily find that the Easter basket is filled with chocolate Easter eggs.

Easter egg
Easter eggs are in order to bring happiness to people. These beautiful and decorative eggs represent the people's good wishes and share the joy of the season change.

Easter Hare The Easter hare has its origin in preChristian fertility lore. The Hare were the most fertile animals known and they served as symbols of the new life during the Spring season.

Easter Bunny OR Easter Hare

Flower , especially lily is the seasonal symbol.

3.The Customs of Easter

wearing new clothes

The new clothes worn on Easter Sunday are a symbol of new life. The custom comes from the baptism on Easter Sunday of early Christians who were led into church wearing new robes of white linen.
Baptism[?b?ptiz ?m]:洗礼

Egg Hunting


A game that Eggs are hidden in various places for children to find. It is said that Easter Bunny hid eggs in the room, or the grass and let kids to find.

Easter Parade

After church services, everyone went for a walk around the town. Nowadays many people walk in Easter parades to show and see new spring clothes, especially hats.

Egg Rolling
滚彩蛋 Easter egg roll is a traditional game played with eggs at Easter.

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